Yahooskin (Northern Paiute) oral interviews, 1995-1996.

Thornes, Tim.

University of Nevada, Reno - Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center

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1 cu. ft.
Includes audio tape interviews of Irwin Weiser, a Klammath Falls, Or., Northern Paiute Yahooskin speaker, by Tim Thornes; index to the tapes; and Thornes' field notes. Weiser speaks of his subgroup of Northern Paiute Indians, the Yahooskin; their language; culture; lifeways; myths and tales; and history and relation of the Yahooskin to other southern Or., northern Nev., and northeastern Calif. tribes.
Graduate linguistics student at the University of Oregon whose field work among the Yahooskin subgroup of the Northern Paiute Indians in southeastern Or. was supported by a grant from the Sven Liljeblad Foundation.

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