American Antiquarian Society
This small collection of Ballou family documents includes two letters of Universalist clergyman Hosea Ballou (1771-1852) to his son, Maturin Murray Ballou (1820-1895), one page of poetry of Hosea Ballou written in 1838, an exchange of four letters between Calvinist clergyman Joseph Buckminster (1751-1812) and Hosea Ballou, in which Buckminster warns Ballou out of friendship of the dangers of Universalism, a note from Maturin Ballou to Roswell Martin Field, and a receipt dated 1867 and signed by Charles O. Rogers
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Contains pressed copies and some manuscript copies of Morse's semi-official letters to Sir Robert Hart, Inspector-General of the Chinese Customs Service, during the time Morse was a commissioner. Also includes typed transcripts of the letters
Harvard Divinity School - Manuscripts and Archives
Papers of Universalist pastor Hosea Ballou.
Harvard Divinity School - Manuscripts and Archives
Family papers of Vermont pastor and legislator Hosea Ballou.
New-York Historical Society
Letters, one signed Virgil, dated Walnut Hill, June 2, 1858, to Virgil, and the second, signed Hosea Ballou, 2d, dated Walnut Hill, February 6, 1860, to Thomas Starr King, are a discussion of Unitarian religious matters
Harvard Divinity School - Manuscripts and Archives
Sermons, addresses, and correspondence of Hosea Ballou II, founder of Tufts College in Massachusetts.
Yale University
Setting typescript transcriptions of letters from Allen and Hosea Grosh to their father, two letters to Allen from his father, letters of others concerning the Grosh brothers, and a typescript of a newspaper article written by A.B. Grosh. The letters from the brothers describe their trip to California via Tampico and Mazatlan, conditions in San Francisco, where they lived for the first year and a half, mining in El Dorado County, California, and ideas for silver mining in Carson Valley, with technical details relating to mineralogy and assaying learnedfrom Mexican silver miners. The other letters concern the validity of the claim that the Grosh brothers actually first discovered the silver deposits later discovered by Comstock. Accompanied by photographs of the original letters and copy photograph portraits of principals involved
Harvard Divinity School - Manuscripts and Archives
Miscellaneous letters and papers of the Ballou family. Includes a letter by Hosea Ballou (1771-1852). Also includes a record of births, marriages, and deaths
Connecticut Historical Society
Discourses delivered at the Universalist Society in Poquonock, Windsor, Conn., including memorial sermon for Hosea Ballou; includes two booklets indicating dates of services and amounts paid
Harvard Divinity School - Manuscripts and Archives
Administrative records of the Second Society of Universalists of Boston, Massachusetts spanning the history of the society but they are not comprehensive. The collection includes congregational constitutions and by-laws; records relating to building projects; financial records; meeting records; membership records; service and hymnal records; scrapbooks; administrative correspondence and subject files; records relating to the Massachusetts Universalist Convention; records pertaining to the work, including some sermons, of the various ministers of the congregation; pew deeds; treasurer records; and records pertaining to the dissolution of the society.


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