University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of four letters from William Heard Kilpatrick to Mrs. Wilhelmina Bonner: dated March 29, 1957, the first letter is a friendly congratulation on Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Bonner's 50th wedding anniversary, and speaks of teaching Mrs. Bonner as a school girl in Blakely, Georgia; dated May 6, 1958, the second letter regards the death of her husband, Mr. John W. Bonner; dated January 23, 1961, the third is a friendly letter of congratulation on her 80th birthday; and dated February 11, 1961, the fourth letter is following up on a question that Mrs. Bonner had not answered from Kilpatrick's previous letter, asking that she write a page or so regarding her work as a student under him and what it meant to her (a volume of such letters is being compiled and will be bound and deposited in the Columbia Teacher's College Library). Also included are two photocopies, Dr. Kilpatrick's obituary and a brief biographical sketch
Columbia University Teachers College - Gottesman Libraries
Scrapbooks, 1891-1953, containing clippings and reprints of articles, and miscellaneous other printed materials. Diaries, 1904-1961, record daily events, and relate to both personal and professional matters. Also, some speeches and correspondence
Mercer University - Jack Tarver Library
The collection consists of papers of William Heard Kilpatrick from 1875, 1889-1969. The papers include clippings, correspondence, class notes, lectures, printed material, sermon notes, speeches, radio scripts, and Kilpatrick's writings on progressive education. The correspondence (1875, 1890-1965) includes personal and business letters relating to Kilpatrick's publications and teaching careers at Mercer University and Columbia University, as well as his views on progressive education. Most of the business correspondence is from students and his colleagues, including John Dewey and J.R. Mosley. The collection also contains Robin Trot letters (1951-1969), a round robin letter of Mercer alumni
Columbia University
Georgia during Reconstruction; Mercer University; Johns Hopkins; John Dewey and theories of teaching; board of trustees, Bennington College; General Education Board; Lincoln and Horace Mann Schools; education experiments at Teachers College; impressions of William Russell and James Russell, Edward Thorndike, Nicholas Murray Butler, Harold Rugg, George Counts, John Childs, Montessori system; project method
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Copy photographs mounted, circa 1910-1930, of portraits of 15 noted American educators. All but one educator is identified. The educators are: William Chandler Bagley, John Franklin Bobbitt, Boyd H. Bode, W.W. (Werrett Wallace) Charters, Stuart A. Courtis, John Dewey, Frank Nugent Freeman, Charles Hubbard Judd, William Heard Kilpatrick, L.V. Koos, David Snedden, George Strayer, Lewis Terman, and Edward Lee Thorndike
Stanford University - Hoover Institution Library and Archives
The William Van Til papers document the career of an important figure in the history of American education in the twentieth century. Identified with the progressive movement of John Dewey and William Heard Kilpatrick, Van Til was an early supporter of racial integration in American schools and a proponent of the use of a multicultural curriculum in the classroom. The bulk of the Van Til papers consist of his speeches and writings, along with correspondence between Van Til and his publishers.
Columbia University Teachers College - Gottesman Libraries
Letters, ca. 1920-1922, to Abbott from poets, teachers, and editors of literary magazines, relating to tests which were developed by Abbott for judging poetry. Correspondents include C.H. Ward, Alfred Noyes, John Erskine, Louis Untermeyer, Amy Lowell, Harriet Monroe, Herbert Vaughan Abbott, Francis Hackett, and others. Also, copies of Abbott's books and pamphlets; clippings of reviews of his books; photographs of Abbott and others; and miscellaneous printed material. Constitution, minutes, bibliographies, and newsletters, ca. 1952, relating to Allan Abbott Associates, an organization composed of members of the Teachers College Department of English and Foreign Languages, and devoted to professional development and fellowship. Printed English tests, published by Teachers College in 1931, written by Amy Shaw and others; and a photograph of William Heard Kilpatrick on his 90th birthday, 1961, and a program, 1951, from a dinner held to celebrate Kilpatrick's eightieth birthday
Columbia University Teachers College - Gottesman Libraries
Correspondence, annual reports of library departments, budgets, minutes, printed material, and miscellaneous documents, 1952-1980, from the files of the library's director; vertical files, 1880-1968, containing printed and other materials kept by the library and relating to Teachers College; correspondence, notes, lists, tests, assignments, bibliographies, reports, and printed materials, 1932-1967, from courses in library instruction taught by Betty Jenkins, Ethel M. Feagley, and others; financial records, 1906-1967; periodicals lists, 1980s, and miscellaneous library reports, memoranda, staff manuals, 1970s-1980s. Also included are letters and documents, 1819-1961, by M. Adelaide Nutting, Edward L. Thorndike, William Heard Kilpatrick, and others prominent in education and/or members of the Teachers College faculty that were either written to or collected by Eleanor M. Witmer, Librarian at Teachers College, 1931-1961; correspondence of Teachers College Librarian Elizabeth G. Baldwin ... Read More
Tulane University - Amistad Research Center
Congregational clergyman, executive secretary of the American Missionary Association, and educator. Correspondence (ca. 1390 items) concerning Brownlee's writings, the administration of Le Moyne College in Memphis, Tenn., and his retirement from the American Missionary Association in 1950, mss. of published and unpublished writings by Brownlee and others, documents, speeches, meditations, and sermons, scrapbooks concerning the institutions of the association and their activities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, school reports, certificates of awards, tributes, and honors, leaflets, pamphlets, clippings, drawings, photos, and memorabilia
Georgia Historical Society - Library and Archives
This collection contains letters from John Jones to Governor James Jackson and Joseph Jones, as well as a letter from Seaborn Jones to his cousin, Joseph Jones. In his letters to Jackson, Jones mentions Native American "intrusions," charges brought by Isaac Lafaver against Major Gaither, and militia affairs. His letter to Joseph Jones asks for information on family and friends and mentions Napoleon Bonaparte and Aaron Burr. Joseph Jones was a cousin of John Jones and lived in Petersburg, Virginia. Seaborn Jones' letter to Joseph tells of the deaths of his siblings, Susan, John, James and Abram; the letter has a postscript from Robert Jones, Jr. All of the letters in this collection are photocopies


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