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Journal kept on board the U.S.S. Wachusett in 1864 during blockade duty in the Civil War; letter (1885) from James E. Jouett relating to the restoration of order in Panama; orders to duty; and an invitation. Journal entries concern discipline on board ship, ports of call, and the boarding of foreign ships
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
The Jamestown (Sloop of War) Letters Outgoing consist of one copybook containing copies of letters composed by the Jamestown's commander, L.A. Beardslee, in the period 5 January through 13 September 1880 while stationed at Sitka, Alaska. The letters include routine dispatches to the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance, Bureau of Equipment, Bureau of Navigation, and other government agencies; official reports to the Secretary of the Navy concerning civil, social, economic, and military conditions in Sitka and Southeast Alaska; orders concerning men under Beardslee's command; and two letters to chiefs of the Chilkat Tlingit Indians (pages 87 and 106). Also found in the copybook are a list of topics and addressees for letters sent in the period 5 through 11 October 1880; the text of a telegram sent by commander Henry Glass, 12 October 1880; a list of documents received from files to be used; and a list of enclosures given to a copyist in January 1881


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