Massachusetts Historical Society
Papers of Erastus B. Bigelow, Massachusetts inventor, engineer, and economist, who held several patents for substantial improvements in power looms for carpet and other cloth manufacturing. The collection contains business correspondence, legal agreements, patents, memoranda, writings, accounts, receipts, plans, and specifications for Bigelow's inventions and improvements to power looms, and documents his dealings with various mills and carpet manufacturing companies, including his own Bigelow Carpet Company, the Clinton Company, and the Lowell Manufacturing Company. Also represented in the collection are James S. Amory, Carpmael & Co. (patent agents), John Crossley & Sons, Thomas F. Firth, George W. Lyman, Charles Mason, Justin S. Morrill, Henry S. Randall, A. B. Stoughton, and many others. Included is considerable material related to the tariff and protectionist policy in United States trade, as well as Bigelow's correspondence with and numerous petitions to the U.S. commissioner of ... Read More
University of Virginia
Bigelow asks Curtis to write the argument for Bigelow's request for an extension of his patent on an improvement in power looms. The newspaper notice of his petition to the U.S. Patent Office is pasted on the letter
Massachusetts Historical Society
Collection contains materials relating to Erastus Brigham Bigelow, an inventor and founder of the Bigelow Carpet, Co., his daughter Helen, and her husband the Rev. Daniel Merriman. Most of the collection pertains to their son historian Roger Bigelow Merriman, including his education at Harvard and Oxford universities, service in World War I, marriage to Dorothea Foote, and his years on the Harvard faculty
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Handwritten and signed letter, dated 26 June 1858, and addressed to Lysander Spooner. Bigelow writes that it is too early to comment on Spooner's "Outline of a New System of Paper Currency.".
Massachusetts Historical Society
Records of the Thursday Evening Club, a men's club founded in Boston in 1846 to promote "social and scientific conversation." First called the "Warren Club" after one of its founders, John C. Warren, the club held bi-weekly Thursday meetings at the home of one of its members to listen to talks on a variety of subjects, at first scientific but later expanded to include literature, history, and other subjects. The records include loose and bound membership lists (1856-1979, with gaps); announcements, lists, and summaries of meetings (1859-1968); correspondence (1849-98, 1906-22, 1927-76); presidents' reports (1947-63); manuscripts of original papers (1908-20); historical reminiscences; and memorials delivered by members, including Moorfield Storey, James F. Rhodes, and Worthington C. Ford
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Letters to American journalist and author, William Warland Clapp Jr., from his friends, colleagues, and family. Also includes some other papers.


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