United States Military Academy
Two brief letters, Jan. 21 and Feb. 18, 1949, Hyde Park, N.Y. concerning arrangements for a talk by Eleanor Roosevelt concerning her work with the Human Rights Commission
Georgia Historical Society - Library and Archives
This collection consists of one letter from Eleanor Roosevelt. She wrote this letter on April 24, 1940, from Washington, D.C. to Captain William S. Rockwell at the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp, Wawona, at Yosemite National Park in California. Roosevelt thanks Captain Rockwell for her visit to the C.C.C. Camp
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of one photographic portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt with signature: To Raymond H. Perry , With all good wishes, Eleanor Roosevelt
University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Photograph shows Eleanor Roosevelt sitting in the driver's seat of an automobile
University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Scope and Content This collection consists of a single letter, May 21, 1934, on White House stationery, from Eleanor Roosevelt(1884-1962) to author Pendleton Hogan, Washington, D.C., thanking him for his Mother's Day greeting, with its envelope and Hogan's place card from a 1934 White House dinner. The note was written in response to Hogan's "thank you" note after dining at the White House one Sunday evening early in May 1934 which casually mentioned Mother's Day.
New York Public Library
Portraits of presidential wife and U.N. delegate Eleanor Roosevelt. Many views are of Roosevelt speaking at dinners or attending various social and civic functions. Some of the individuals pictured with Roosevelt are A. Philip Randolph, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Jules Bledsoe, Mary McLeod Bethune and Lester Granger. Roosevelt is also seen participating in an NBC radio broadcast. Full, half and quarter length portraits are included
Pennsylvania State University Libraries
The collection contains 4 typescript letters from Eleanor Roosevelt to Donald S. Klopp on 6 Sept. 1938 indicating she didn't know who a certain columnist [Westbrook Pegler] was and that she would be delighted to hear any comments from Mr. Klopp about her column (My day); to Mr. Battan on 30 April 1957 discussing Communist China having troops in North Korea and North Vietnam, Gandhi and Nehru, and indicates that she is not contemplating running for President; to Robert G. Grey on 17 June 1958 thanking him for his letter about the Humane Slaughtering Bill; and to My dear Students, 12 May 1959 about America's role against Communism. The letters to Mr. Klopp and Mr. Grey include envelopes. The letter to Mr. Klopp was sent from the White House in Washington, D.C., the remaining letters from New York, N.Y.
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
TLsS written by Roosevelt on White House stationery including a letter (1933 November 8) to Mr. Kohen thanking him for sending "Livingston" letters to her and the president; copies of two letters (1939 April 6 and 1941 February 14) to Ernie Pyle, one with a handwritten note, praising his columns on leper colonies and a series on Warm Springs, Ga.; and a letter (1942 April 29) to John F. Moors concerning civil rights and race relations in America


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