Swarthmore College - Peace Collection
2.5 linear in.
Gregg was a peace activist involved in a wide range of causes, including the rights of tenant farmers, conscientious objectors, civil rights, and nonviolence. He was especially interested in Gandhian methods of nonviolent resistance.
Swarthmore College - Peace Collection
37 linear ft.
Includes correspondence, diaries, unpublished memoirs, writings, speeches, and sermons, reference files, and photographs. Also included are materials relating to the Amerian Civil Liberties Union (1940-1958), Brookwood Labor College (1919-1939), the Committee on Militarism in Education (1925-1943), Embassies of Reconciliation (1936-1967), and the National Peace Conference (1935-1947). Significant correspondents are Roger N. Baldwin, Percy W. Bartlett, Arthur W. Blaxall, Vera Brittain, Ormund E. Burton, Hildegard Goss-Mayr, Richard B. Gregg, Muriel Lester, Kaspar Mayr, Wilhelm Mensching, A.J. Muste, Přemysl Pitter, Henri Roser, Francis Bowes Sayre, Howard Schomer, Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze, Glenn E. Smiley, Douglas V. Steere, Evan W. Thomas, Charles A. Thomson, André Trocmé, and Woodrow Wilson.
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
27.8 Linear feet
The American Art Association records measure 27.8 linear feet and date from circa 1853-1929, with the bulk of the material dating from circa 1885-1922. The records include auction and sales files, general financial and legal files, inventory and stock records, client files, printed materials, photographic materials, artwork, and the personal papers of founder Thomas Ellis Kirby.
Swarthmore College - Peace Collection
3 linear in.
This collection consists primarily of 37 letters: 33 letters written by Mohandas K. Gandhi including twenty letters written to Reginald Reynolds between 1929 and 1946; six letters to Richard B. Gregg between 1927 and 1953; and single letters to Jane Addams, Horace Alexander, C.Y. Chintamani, John H. Holmes, Hannah C. Hull, Dorothy Newman, and one unknown recipient; copy of letter from Gandhi to Reynolds, copy of letter to A.J. Muste; letters concerning the collection from Richard B. Gregg to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection and from Reginald Reynolds to Charles F. Jenkins; and a letter from Syed Mahmud to Reginald Reynolds. Collection includes typescript copies of some letters; and a 1948 typescript by Reginald Reynolds about Gandhi's letters to him: "Letters from Bapu" (8 pages). Also includes one disc containing scanned images of the letters in TIFF format. Correspondence may be viewed online at Triptych, the Tri-College Digital Library. An online essay, Gandhi-Reynolds ... Read More
Swarthmore College - Peace Collection
13.25 linear ft.
Includes meeting minutes, financial records, general correspondence arranged by personal name or group name, correspondence by or about individual conscientious objectors, and reference material; includes material from both New York City and Washington D.C. offices, but the bulk is from the Washington D.C. office. Correspondents include Roger N. Baldwin, Arthur Billings, Charles F. Boss Jr., Allan Knight Chalmers, Julien Cornell, Harrison DeSilver, Richard B. Gregg, Georgia Harkness, Lewis Hill, John Haynes Holmes, Abraham Kaufman, Marjorie Kendrick, A.J. Muste, Frank Olmstead, Randolph Phillips, Vivien Roodenko, John Nevin Sayre, Arthur Sheehan, Joseph Summers, Evan W. Thomas, Norman Thomas, and Agnes Young.
Swarthmore College - Peace Collection
170 linear ft.
The collection includes minutes and other material relating to the founding conference in 1915; minutes (1915-date), statements of purpose, by-laws, correspondence, project files, publications, resource kits, advertisements, periodicals, newsletters from regional and local FOR groups, releases and photographs. Files of the executive secretaries/directors constitute an important category of both the administrative and program records. Principal files are those of Edward W. Evans, A.J. Muste, John M. Swomley, Alfred Hassler, Barton Hunter, Richard Deats, Doug Hostetter, and Jo Becker. Other correspondence of national staff includes the files of Allan Brick, Thomas Cornell, Richard Deats, James Forest, John Heidbrink, Michael Jendrzejczyk, Bayard Rustin, Glenn Smiley, and Ronald Young. There are records of many special projects, including: reconciliation efforts in Latin America and the USSR, training in nonviolence, Shelters for the Shelterless, peace missions to Vietnam and ... Read More


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