University of Texas Libraries
Collection documents the career of Emil Grosswald. The papers consist mainly of general correspondence files (1942-1988); together with correspondence (3 in.) related to Grosswald's editing of Hans Rademacher's Topics in analytic number theory (1972) and The collected papers of Hans Rademacher (1974). Also included are records, chiefly correspondence, of Grosswald's work on the Board of Governors and the Ford Prize committee of the Mathematical Association of America (5 in.; 1965-77)
American Philosophical Society
This collection includes manuscript notes on the analytic number theory and manuscripts of three works: "The Ramanujan Identities under Modular Substitutions" [published in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society v.5(1942):609-636], "Dedekind Sums" (basis for publication with same title, 1972), and "Über ein spezielles Orthogonalsystem.".
American Philosophical Society
Trained at Göttingen, the mathematician Hans Rademacher was expelled by the Nazis from his position at the University of Breslau in 1934 due to his pacifist beliefs. Settling at the University of Pennsylvania, Rademacher is bet known for his contributions in number theory. The Rademacher Collection consists of several manuscripts by Rademacher pertaining to modular forms and analytical number theory. Among these are an important unpublished work, Über ein spezielles orthogonalsystem, which had been believed lost until rediscovered by Emil Grosswald, the manuscript for a published article on Ramanujan identities under modular substitution, extensive notes for a lecture on Dedekind sums, and a book-length manuscript on analytical number theory.
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
New York Public Library
The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars was formed in New York City in 1933 by American academicians for the purpose of employing refugee German scholars in American institutions. Many of these refugee scholars were Jews displaced by the National Socialist government. The collection consists chiefly of grant files on refugee scholars who applied for aid from the Committee. The records also include correspondence with other refugee and philanthropic organizations and with the educational institutions which accepted refugee scholars.
University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library
Scope and Content Papers of Astrik L. Gabriel (ALG) dating 1929-2005. The bulk of the material falls between 1948 and 2000. This time span starts with his arrival in the United States and ends a few years prior to his death. There are very few documents from his earlier life because he was forced to flee his native country and left behind almost all his books and papers. All information pertaining to his life in Hungary comes from his correspondences with his colleagues and friends. The collection contains articles, programs, receipts, postcards, posters, cards, newspaper clippings, lecture notes, research notes, pamphlets, bibliographies, resumes, scrapbooks, books, book reviews, applications, catalogues, certificates, passports, diplomas, recommendations, invitations, prayers, prints, business cards, minutes, nominations, invoices, Federal Express mailing sheets, stationary, telegrams, personal papers from before his life in the United States, and photographs of himself, his ... Read More


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