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The library continues to add material to its files, including articles, biographies, bibliographies, photographs, reviews, small catalogs, invitations, and correspondence
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Assembled artist file includes b & w photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, and in some cases, negatives. Items may include full views, details, before and after restoration views, etc. Documentation may include artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, provenance, exhibition history, related works, previous attributions, and bibliography
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The collection comprises twenty letters, notes and postcards sent by La Touche to Alfred Roll, president of the Société nationale des beaux-arts. It covers sixteen years of La Touche's activity within the SNBA mostly as a member of the Salon's commission and as vice-president. In his early letters he asks Roll to recommend the talented young artists Brugnot and Luigini for the Salon. He thanks his friend for defending his painting La barque against malevolent critics in St. Petersburg (1897). He invites Roll and his friends to his atélier in St. Cloud to see and judge the works La Touche had prepared for a personal exhibition in London (1899). In 1910 he complains bitterly that his merits are not being recognized, and his efforts of reorganizing the commission did not succeed; he is ready to quit, and keeps working only "pour mon successeur ... c'est pour lui que j'élabore le prochain règlement" of SNBA. An undated note asks for an emergency meeting with Roll, who needs to ... Read More
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The folder may include clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemeral items
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Undated letter to the painter Gaston La Touche signed by Rosemonde Rostand, the wife of the successful poet and playwright Edmond Rostand, whose villa Arnaga at Cambo (Pyrénées Atlantiques) was being decorated by La Touche. Mrs. Rostand suggests some changes in the decorative panel conceived by the artist representing a masked ball, a recurrent theme among the various "fêtes galantes" painted by La Touche for interior decorations. She does not like the setting in a theater hall: "Ne pourriez-vous pas transporter votre vision dans un autre intérieur plus verlainien? ... Il y a toujours un peu trop d'Offenbach et de Métro dans l'atmosphère d'un bal dansé dans un théatre." Indeed, the artist is free to follow his inspiration, and the architect Tournaire will send him the measurements for the panel
Getty Research Institute
Collection includes: four letters to Armand Silvestre, mostly incidental in nature (ca. 1887-1892); six letters to Alfred Stevens (1892-1898); six letters to Mme. Claude Vignon regarding a decorative project (1866-1867); two letters to the artist Gaston Latouche (1894, 1898); two letters to Leonce Benedite, one thanking him for an article which appeared in 'L'Artiste' (1896); one letter to the writer Ernest Jaubert expressing his admiration for Jaubert's 'Fleurs de symbole' (1896); one letter to a M. Pousou arranging for Victor Cesson to copy two of his paintings (1874); one letter to [Charles de] Cabrol mentioning the sculptor Denys Puech (1887); and several brief notes addressed to, among others, Georges Petit (1893), Durand Ruel (1892), Alfred Roll (1890), Madame Emile Levy (1889), and Madame Patou (1880-1881). Arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent


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