Columbia University
Discussion of films directed: "Mayerling," 1936, "The Woman I Love," 1938, "Tovarich," 1938, "Confessions of a Nazi Spy," 1939, "A City for Conquest," 1940, "Blues in the Night," 1941, "The Snake Pit," 1948; Hollywood: lack of intellectual life, preoccupation with movies; differences between theatre and film
Los Angeles Public Library
Photograph caption dated April 2, 1943 reads, "Many of the luminaries attending the event appeared in military uniforms. Here Lieut. Col. Anatole Litvak, left, chats with China's General Chu, a member of Madame Chiang's party.".
Columbia University
Brief interviews covering the development of the performing arts in the early 20th century. Participants: King Wallis Vidor, Edward Dmytryk, Henry Fonda, Gloria Swanson, Charles Ruggles, Michael Anatole Litvak, Joel McCrea, and Ralph Bellamy
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center


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