Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Notes on metaphysics and the elements of the law of nature (1758-1759) made by Mifflin as a student at Philadelphia College, now the University of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania State University Libraries
The collection consists of three documents signed by Thomas Mifflin during his term as the first governor of Pennsylvania, 1790 to 1799: a letter of pardon to Thomas McGuire, convicted of larceny, 1791; a $35 receipt for the salary of Christian Febiger, Associate Judge of Lancaster County, 1793; and a blank liquor license
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Contains three letters from Thomas Mifflin, speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Governor of Pennsylvania
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Document signed. Signed by Thomas Mifflin. Order to pay Robert Ralston twenty-seven pounds five shillings for his wages as a member of the General Assembly. Rittenhouse was State Treasurer of Pennsylvania
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Mifflin asks Biddle to prepare a payroll for three companies of soldiers
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Manuscript schoolbook used by Thomas Mifflin contains essays on "Mente Humana," "Ontology," and "Of God and His Perfections.".
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Mifflin requests warrants for the execution of two murderers
George Washington Mount Vernon - Fred W. Smith National Library
Mifflin, an aide-de-camp to George Washington, writes: "General Washington has been dangerously ill -- His Complaint a perineumony. He is much better and said to be out of Danger -- His Situation has occasioned great anxiety in our Minds. The Consequences which would follow the Loss of so great a Man at this time cannot be calculated.".
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Mifflin requests a copy of the inventory of military supplies at Le Beuf and a list of articles acquired for the planned port at Presque Isle
University of California, Irvine - Special Collections
Collection comprises one land document to William Bingham, Esq., for property in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, dated 17 May 1796, and signed by Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania.


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