University of Texas at San Antonio
Handwritten letters in black ink from George Sharswood to his children, George and Jane, who were on a tour of Europe at the time
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Asks Dallas to reiterate his recommendation of Sharswood's friend Penniman to the governor for an appointment
American Philosophical Society
These papers pertain to minerals and mining, publications, his play "The Betrothed," St. John's College in Maryland, and Reconstruction in South Carolina.
American Philosophical Society
This collection contains mostly entomological material, with much information on the description and identification of particular insects, entomological collections, and the study of entomology in Europe and the United States. In addition, there are materials on medicine and hospitals during the American Civil War, on the Corps of Topographical Engineers, the United States Army, on natural history in the United States, and on the LeConte's family. Some letters are written to President Rutherford B. Hayes and concern the Commissionership of Agriculture, for which LeConte was considered, but not appointed. Letters of John Eatton LeConte and Joseph LeConte are included.
American Philosophical Society
Though the Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection is composed of items that do not fall readily into any other existing collection, the two dominant intellectual areas represented in the collection are Early American History and History of Science.


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