Utah State Archives and Records Service
This series contains a computer print of burials in the Gunnison Cemetery. This printout serves as a cross-reference to cemetery plat books. It is arranged alphabetically by surname. Information may include names, grave location, birth date and place, death date and place, parents, current owner of plot, original owner of plot, and a list of payments made for perpetual care
George Washington Mount Vernon - Fred W. Smith National Library
Silliman, an American chemist and geologist, quotes from a letter of John Struthers (sculptor of George Washington's sacrophagus) describing the transfer of Washington's remains from the new tomb vault into the marble sacrophagus in October, 1837
Alabama Department of Archives and History
"No body can be disinterred in Alabama until application to disinter has been made and permission granted by the health authority of the county in which the body lies" (Rules and Regulations Governing the Disposition, Transportation, and Disinterment of Dead Human Bodies, 20 August 1947, State Board of Health Minutes). To obtain permission for disinterring a body, the party responsible for the body is required to complete and file a disinterment permit with the County Health Officer of the county in which the body is buried. If permission is granted, the official signs the form and give a copy of the form to the person in charge, while keeping the original for the department's files. Each permit documents the body that is being moved, where it is located, where it will be relocated, and who is responsible for the move. The bottom of the form contains a statement authorizing the disinterment, which is signed and dated by the county health officer
Minnesota Historical Society
Birth and death register (1888-1910), birth and death certificates (1910-1953), and a disinterment record (1951)
University of New Hampshire, Durham - Dimond Library
This series contains various types of permits granted to the University. Included are disinterment permits, alcohol permits and road construction permits
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Taped interview with "Ma Dixon" made at Keshena, Wisconsin on November 28, 1966 re the disinterment of a body supposed to be that of Chief Oshkosh, and the Legend of Spirit Rock
Library of Michigan
Shows numbered graves with name list
University of California, Berkeley
The flower-women.--In the book of Vergama.--The disinterment of Venus.--The colossus of Ylourgne.--A night in Malneant.--The epiphany of death.--The testament of Athammaus.--The sed from the sepulcher.--Xeethra.--The passing of Aphrodite.--Dweller in Martian depths [or The dweller in the gulf.].
Utah State Archives and Records Service
Indemnification agreements authorize burial in cemetery lots when the person providing authorization is not the owner but the next of kin. They indemnify the city against all costs of disinterment and reburial, attorney fees, or other costs associated with wrongful interment. Almost always the owner is unable to sign the agreement because he or she is deceased. The agreements identify the relevant cemetery lot, name the owner, and provide information about the next of kin who is authorizing burial in the lot
New York State Historical Documents
Minutes of Hebra, 1840-1922, Board of Managers, 1867-1917, 1935-1947, and Dinner Committee, 1852; annual statement, 1855-1962; correspondence, 1914-1944; financial records, including account book and ledger, 1854-1869, receipt and checkbooks, 1939-1961; constitution, 1852-1901; burial service book, 1827, 1910; correspondence and legal documents concerning court case regarding disinterment of body, 1902-1907; and miscellaneous other correspondence, legal documents, and financial records