Wichita State University - Special Collections and University Archives
.6 linear feet.
The E.M. Forster Collection contains correspondence written to Siegfried Sassoon and covers a span of 41 years from 1918-1959. Most of the letters were written in 1923. The letters discuss diverse topics including personal philosophical views, books and other material being read, literary criticism of Sassoon's work, Sassoon's criticism of Forester's works, Forester's ideas on writing.
McMaster University - Mills Memorial Library
14 letters
The collection consists of letters to Reginald Popham Nicholson (1874-1950) and his wife, Mary Elinor Nicholson.
Washington State University - Holland Library
2 items (20 leaves)
Mimeographed transcripts (original and revised) of radio broadcast first compiled and recorded August 11, 1965, and transmitted July 29, 1970. Broadcast version includes commentary by William Plomer, Leonard Woolf, Professor Sprott, Patrick Wilkinson and Joe Ackerly, concerning the life and career of E.M. Forster. Radio program compiled and narrated by Frederick Laws and produced and edited by Robert Pocock.
Temple University - Special Collections Research Center
1 item (1 folder).
Two letters written by E.M. Forster - both to Vita Sackville-West, first requesting photographs and second expressing appreciation for photographs of Reynold's Chinese box (a picture), and acknowledging Forster's interest in Oriental artifacts.
Pennsylvania State University Libraries
2 items.
Foster writes to Amy Randall, 26 June 1932, about his visit to KrakoĢw, Poland; postcard to Margaret Greig, editor of The gale, 13 April 1949, that he knows too little about Goethe to write an article.
Stanford University
1 leaf.
Stanford University
1 folder.
Wichita State University - Special Collections and University Archives
.3 linear feet.
This collection includes textual corrections to a draft of Forster's "The Other Boat" (originally titled "Coco"). P.N. Furbank was asked to incorporate these changes when he typed the second draft.
Columbia University
1 box.
E.M. Forster's Christmas cards to Melville Henry Crane, n.d., and his letters to Walter D'Arcy Cresswell, 1936, and Duncan Grant, 1968. Also, a manuscript of Forster's review of G.M. Trevelyan's A LAYMAN'S LOVE, 1954; a mimeographed typescript of Robert Pocock's radio script, "E.M. Forster : A Profile," 1965, and photographs of Forster.
Pennsylvania State University Libraries
24 items.
The collection contains twenty-three letters and postcards from Forster and one dealer's catalog of books from Forster's library (1971). Forster writes to Dear Sir, 1 February 1911, about a review of Howard's end; to Lunn [Hugh Kingsmill], 21 February and 11 August 1912, about Frank Harris's Montes the matador; from Egypt to [Wilson] Plant, 25 January and 14 February 1917, about Forster's books and other authors, commiserating on both being in hospitals.


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