University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library
The Vatican II Collection contains more than 1,400 documents divided into two major sections. The first section, Conciliar Documents, consists of working drafts, voting summaries, news service reports, and other documents that were circulated during the four sessions that comprised the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). The second section, Post-Conciliar Liturgical Documents, contains copies of 354 of the 439 schemata generated by the post-conciliar commissions responsible for implementing liturgical reforms. The collection of conciliar documents contains materials pertaining to the development of the sixteen official texts promulgated by the Second Vatican Council and three other schemas which were discussed at the Council but were not officially accepted: "De cura animarum" (1963), "De indulgentiis recognoscendis" (1965), and "De matrimonii sacramento" (1963). The post-conciliar collection details liturgical material, which consists mainly of photocopies of drafts of the schemas ... Read More
Kenrick-Glenn Seminary - Souvay Library
Catholic University of America - The American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives
The William Bassett - Vatican Council II Collection contains three bound volumes of Second Vatican Council material from when he was the facilitator for Senior Archbishops at the third and fourth sessions of the Council. The collection includes a series of press reports and summaries from numerous congregations of the council, as well as a book edited by Bassett on the appointment of bishops
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
45 photographs of Franck's drawings done at the Ecumenical Council in Rome in 1962; an American exhibition catalogue for some of these drawings; and a résumé
University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library
Schemata, quaestiones, modi, relationes, animadversiones, texti emendati, texti recogniti, votae, normae, disquisitii, allocutiones, observations, reports, liturgies, correspondence, circular letters, newsletters, notes, lists, agenda, minutes, and other documents, most of them in Latin, from the Second Vatican Council (1962-1985), Roman synods (1967-1985), consistories of cardinals (1969-1985), and meetings of Vatican congregations, secretariats, and commissions (1962-1987)
Vatican Secret Archives
This is a collection in several locations in the ASV that contains a variety of documentation relating to the council. These are not the official records of the council but rather an assemblage of documentation accumulated by various participants and brought together in the ASV. There are both manuscript material and printed items. Records contain material from various commissions of the council (acta, decreta, etc.) including the Commission for Ecclesiastical Discipline, the Commission for the Oriental Church and Mission, and the Commission on Dogma, among others. There are also records of the sessions of the council and personal notations and records of various participants. ASV Indice 1172 gives a full account of the origins and diversity of what constitutes this series
Vatican Secret Archives
Vatican Secret Archives
Giacomo Cardinal Antonelli was born on April 12, 1806, in Sonnino, near Terracina (Latium), Italy, of a middle-class family that prospered through government farm contracts and land reconstruction. The family was later enobled by Gregory XVI. The family remained faithful to the pontiff during the French occupation and with the help of a Dominican prelate obtained a family prelature
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Topics include the establishment of the Commission for Christian Unity in 1962 and the people involved; Lawrence Cardinal Shehan at Vatican Council II; comparative moves toward Christian unity in Germany, Austria, and Italy; and reasons for the move toward ecumenism in the 1960s
Harvard Divinity School - Manuscripts and Archives
Biographical files; sermons, lectures, speeches, and writings; Chicago Theological Seminary papers, 1958-1966; Chambon-sur-Lignon College papers, 1946-1990; World Council of Churches, 1950-1962; National Council of Churches, 1961-1980; United Church Board for World Ministries, 1971-1980, consultant papers and reports. Also includes information about Elsie Schomer, Howard's wife and co-worker


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