University of North Florida - Special Collections
The collection consists primarily of the correspondence of a soldier, Wesley "Lee" Bouslog to Opal Valentine Baker Bouslog, his girlfriend (later wife), both from Indiana. There are 106 letters and envelopes dated from December 31, 1917 to May 21, 1918. The first letter describes his arrival at the Camp, and thereafter, the often lengthy letters detail Bouslog's life, including descriptions of his daily meals and routines, and maintenance tasks. The letters provide a glimpse into camp life, with Bouslog relating that more than twenty states were represented in his Barracks, as well as several different nationalities, including Irish, Scottish, and Jewish. Printed materials in the collection consist of one postcard, one souvenir folder (depicting 22 views of the Camp), and an oversize photograph of the Camp's soldiers
Oregon Health and Science University
The collection consists of two sets of glass plate silver bromide negatives. The images are of Base Hospital 46 and staff. The photographs were taken in Bazoil-les-sur-Meuse, France during World War I. The plates were housed in the original printed cardboard boxes, which measure 13 cm x 18 cm. The boxes identify the plate manufacturer as J. Jougla of Lumiere & Jougla. The photographic method is identified as "plaques a mode bromure d'argent," or silver bromide plates. One plate is broken. The plates are not labeled but are identified in: On active service with Base Hospital 46 U.S.A.: Mar. 20, 1918 to May 25, 1919 / edited by O.B. Wight, et al. Portland, Or.: Arcady Press, 1920
Oregon Health and Science University
Publications, including medical and other books, pamphlets, leaflets, journals, and newsletters; personal and professional photographs; medical equipment and supplies, laboratory equipment; licenses, degrees, certificates, honors and awards for Dr. Greene and his wife Jeanne Todd Booth; official and personal correspondence; news clippings; Dr. Greene's autobiography, biography of Jeanne Todd Booth (Greene), Dr. Greene's second wife, and obituaries for Dr. Greene and both wives, Julia Cooper and Jeanne. Materials relate to Dr. Greene's personal life and work as a civilian and military physician, Freemason, and member of the Anglo-Saxon Christian Association
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
The Military in Alaska Collection consists of a roster, bulletins, letters, articles, newsclippings, hand-outs, information packets, and press releases relating to the U.S. military presence in Alaska and to the involvement of Alaskan citizens in the U.S. military. Materials include a roster of military personnel enlisted from the Juneau area during World War I, histories of military installations involved in World War II, articles and other information on the "Alaska Scouts," news releases on various military exercises, and newsclippings and articles describing military life in Alaska during World War II and the Cold War era
New Jersey Historical Society
The collection consists of educational and informational pamphlets created or distributed by the WILPF, newspaper articles about events held by the Essex County branch of the WILPF and persons in the organization, documents detailing the day-to-day workings of the branch such as meeting minutes and newsletters, personal correspondence between members, bank ledgers and other financial documents, numerous group photographs of WILPF members, and WILPF promotional material dating from 1925 to 1994. Included also are pamphlets and documents related to the United Nations
Newark Public Library
This collection consists of material related to his military service. It includes correspondence between Francisco and his family, official correspndence, a diary of his experiences during the war, maps, clippings, photos, medals, dog tags, and other artifacts, including a bullet that wounded him
SUNY Oswego - Penfield Library
The collection contains the weekly letters, diaries and miscellaneous ephemera from Charles F. Burt and his son C. Willard Burt
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Correspondence to Gov. Samuel McCall regarding participation of Massachusetts in the federal military draft of 1917 was filed along with supporting documentation with the state secretary -- Included are a statement from the U.S. provost marshal of regular army enlistees from each city and non-city division of the state; War Dept. list of draft quotas by state proportional by population; federal quota form detailing Massachusetts total (with cover letter from provost marshal); letter from chief of the Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics (as Massachusetts director of military enrollment), discussing federal quotas, with federal form listing such quotas by city/division, including credits for enlistees (see above); and copy of printed federal draft quota regulations


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