Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
The Governor's Press Office is responsible for publicizing events of the governor's administration. In fulfilling this function, it produces and distributes public service announcements in the form of videcassettes on matters of general public interest such as tourism and public safety
New Jersey Historical Society
This collection of memorabilia form the marriage of Mary Virginia Christie to James Chalmers Thompson includes a wedding announcement, The Marriage Service Book containing the marriage vows and marriage certificate, a postcard of the interior of Grace Episcopal Church, and a Fairmont, West Virginia newspaper clipping announcing the marriage with a short biography about the bride and groom
Nevada State Library and Archives
This record series documents a program to distribute food to elderly people. The records may include; correspondence, announcements, "Donated Food Program Commodity List" (CPO SA10620-001) and "Commodity Inventory Report" (CPO SA10620-002), ledgers, accountant spreadsheets, reports, agreements, memos, charts and graphs
Nevada State Library and Archives
Contains in and out of the office correspondence, memos, policy statements and announcements used to administer the needs of the office
Newberry Library
This is a growing collection of printed ephemera issued from approximately the late 18th century onward (bulk 20th century), mostly concerned with printing, publishing, graphic design, and related book arts -- The collection includes advertising materials, artists' books, book jackets, booklets, bookmarks, brochures, business cards, business reply cards, catalogs, envelopes, flyers, greetings cards, journal issues, keepsakes, letterheads, order forms, posters, prospectuses, proofs, and other materials issued by publishers, printers, government entities, advertising agencies, freelance artists, book sellers, libraries, universities, associations, clubs, and other organizations and companies. The term "keepsakes" encompasses a variety of items, often fine-press, created as mementos or souvenirs and can be produced in different forms such as posters, broadsides, booklets, prints, greetings cards, and bookmarks. Type specimens and paper specimens have been excluded from this collection ... Read More
University of Washington
The records consist of correspondence, minutes and agendas, reports, organizational material, membership lists, legislation, writings, subject and committee files, press releases, tapes, slides, ephemera, and other records. Included are materials relating to William Asplund, Jeb Baldi, Donald Baldwin, James Chapman, David Knibb, Hal Lindstrom, Roy McMurtrey, Robert Ordal, Eleanor Paine, Henry Steinhardt, Curtis Stucki, John Whetten, Karyl Winn, and the Ellensburg, Seattle, Wenatchee, and Yakima chapters. Other persons represented include Brock Adams, John Alving, Warren Avery, Gloria Baldi, William Beyers, Don Bonker, Dave DeJong, John Eberle, Brock Evans, Ben Graf, Ben R. Hayes, Dave Jaecks, Gloria Lindstrom, Warren G. Magnuson, Lloyd M. Meeds, Joel Pritchard, Douglas Scott, Bernice F. Stern, James C. Stevenson, Bonnie Sykora, and Richard Van Haagen
University of Texas at Austin - Harry Ransom Center
This series contains selected files created outside of the Editorial Department, which dominates the rest of the collection. The series contains only two boxes of materials from the Sales and College Departments, with the great majority of the files originating from the Publicity Department
University of Texas at Austin - Harry Ransom Center
This series contains Blanche W. Knopf's correspondence files, which illuminate the perspective of a founding member and key administrator of the Knopf firm, and an important American woman in publishing. Although relatively small, the series highlights the most important authors of the Knopf collection, and also covers routine publishing business such as copyediting, payment of royalties and advances, syndication and reprint rights, productions costs, and sales figures
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
2 documents signed. Signed by Nicholas. One document (1898 Dec. 26) announces the birth of a son, Theodore, to the Countess Xenia Alexandrovna and Count Alexander Mihailovich. Endorsed by Duke Murav'ev, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Russia. The other document (1900 Apr. 27) annnounces the death of Countess Alexandra Petrovna, Nicholas's great aunt, in Kiev, April 13
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Flyer announcing the unconditional surrender of Germany to the Allied Forces, which ended fighting in the European Theater during World War II. The flyer includes the time, location, and generals present during the surrender. It also states that an official announcement will be given later in the day. The announcement was originally collected by George Mueller while serving in Europe during the war, and also includes handwritten notes of names and addresses of several of his fellow soldiers