New Hampshire Historical Society
Correspondence, speeches, physician's accounts, autograph album of the 52d Congress, and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings dealing with Gallinger's political career, including appointments to office, invitations to speak at political campaigns, letters in praise of his speeches, replies to a testimonial for him in 1911, and material relating to his work on the merchant marine, and other Senate committees, the Republican National Conventions, the Republican State Committee, and questions of the day -- Correspondents include William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, senators, congressmen, and New Hampshire political leaders
McLean County Museum of History
Compilation of personal documents relating to the George W. Brown family and to the Society of Friends on a local and national level. Brown family documents include a handwritten journal, household record book, copy book, retail receipts, newspaper clippings and obituaries. Society of Friends, or Quaker, related materials include publications, directories, pamphlets, and minutes and reports from the Benjaminville Monthly Meeting of Women Friends, Blue River Quarterly Meeting, at Benjaminville, Ill., and the Illinois Yearly Meeting. Also includes: -- a handmade autograph book and some records from the Benjaminville Library
Central State University,-- Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library
Hallie Q. Brown papers covers Brown's life as a Wilberforce College student and later fund raiser, an educator, an elocutionist, and a writer -- They also documents her many travels and her association with several organizations, especially the International Council of Women and the National Association of Colored Women. Materials include correspondence (1906-1946); lecture notes with topics such as The Best System of Physical Culture for Our Girls, Biblical History, The Condemnation of Liquor, Frederick Douglass, Greatest Needs of Negro Womanhood Today, and History of Ethiopia and Abyssinnia; diaries (1881-1930); publications including Our Women, Past Present & Future (1925) and Tales My Father Told Me (1925); her writings including a speech at Vienna Conference, International Council of Women (1930), "Lizette, the Beautiful", published in Gospel Herald & Saturday Evening Call (1924), and address to National Association of Colored Women; manuscripts including the first draft of and ... Read More
Frankenmuth Historical Association
Papers (partially in German) of Weber and his parents, Emily (Grueber) Weber and Ludwig Weber, including calling cards, greeting cards, Concordia Seminary graduation invitation of Edwin Carl Weber, Michigan Mother's Manual (1933) of Michigan Dept. of Health, St. Lorenz Lutheran Church bulletin (1928) with the baptism of Virginia Margaret Weber listed, two autograph albums of Maggie (Leidel) Grueber, and other papers
Maine Historical Society
Collection of small black and white portraits with handwritten signatures and date, chiefly from Portland, Me -- Last names represented include Richardson, Cummings, Wilson, Weeks, Clark, Chase, and Lord
Atlantic County Historical Society
Autograph and poetry albums, chiefly of residents of Atlantic County, N.J. -- Some of the persons represented include Eva McLain (later Mrs. Clarence H. Steelman, 1890), Henry W. Leeds (1886-1888), Willie Connelly (1887), Alice Frambes (1878), Julia Smith (1873-1880), Anna Frink Wilson (1873-1883), Sarah Lippincott (1840-1848), Rebecca R. Adams (1834-1854), Eliza Caroline Ryon Adams (1830-1837), Jane C. Doughty (1852), Jeanne Bowser Frymire (1925-1930), Emma Cordery (1881-1890), Rena Bowser (early 20th c.-1959), Eliza Bodine (1840-1847), Mrs. J.A. Steelman (1874-1891), and Mary B. (Somers) Cordery (1862). Also includes vols. from South Jersey Doll Club (20th c.) and Westtown School (Pa., 1884)
Sheldon Museum Research Center
Copybook (1845), autograph album (1853), and letters about Stewart's home, family, and social life, including one recommending a governess for the Stewart children, one from daughter Elga describing a dinner at the White House, and one from Henry Sheldon about Forefathers' Day, as well as records of Stewart's estate
Arkansas History Commission
This collection consists of books, photographs, maps, autograph albums, printed and published material, poems, crocheted items, and other miscellaneous material. The inclusive dates of the material in the collection range from 1854 to 1954. Includes a diary of Jonathan Bryant
Maine Historical Society
Postcards, photographs, and one autograph book (belonging to Bernice Glidden, Traip Academy, Kittery, Me., 1904). Many of the images are of places such as Niagara Falls, Washington, D.C., Philippines, Rio de Janeiro, Panama, France, Guam, and Japan. The photographs (including snapshots and studio portraits) are chiefly unidentified, but some of the portraits are by photographers in Maine and New Hampshire and some of the photos may be of Portsmouth, N.H. -- Includes photograph of the tombstone of Winfield Scott Ellis, Sarah Victoria Ellis, and Arnold Victor Ellis, plus an oversized rolled up poster of the Panama Canal
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Autograph album, 1888-1892 containing five autographs with sentiments of S.R. Caspen (a friend) and various Foust relatives


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