Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Autograph album, 1888-1892 containing five autographs with sentiments of S.R. Caspen (a friend) and various Foust relatives
Newberry Library
Correspondence, travel and personal diaries, business, property, and estate documents, genealogical materials, photographs, and other materials documenting the Roberts, Marsh, Mack, and related families -- The Individual Family series contains much of the material of members of the Marsh, Roberts, Mack, and related families. Of note is correspondence of Daniel Elston, early Chicago settler, and legal papers of his daughter Blanche and her husband Robert R. Clark. Both Clarks died in 1907, and Blanche, who lived a few months after Robert Clark, had inherited her father's considerable fortune. After Blanche's death, her will was disputed by her brother Daniel Jr. and his wife Alice, who were left nothing of the Elston estate. There is also a significant amount of fictional writing and intricate pen and ink drawings by George R. Roberts, much of it relating to Norse mythology. Roberts also kept humorous and detailed jounals of his travels as a child and with his wife Katherine Marsh ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
Book of autographs of Millie Risley, signed by family and friends in Staatsburg and Brooklyn, New York
Cornell University Libraries
Autograph book and postcard from Canandaigua Academy, clipping of newspaper article reminiscing about Clifton Springs
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection contains correspondence, diaries, schoolwork, travel itineraries and souvenirs, financial records, scrapbooks, etc., documenting the lives of Barbara Gould Nylander; her husband, Donald Nylander; her children, Russell, Robert, Richard, and Karen; her mother, Flora Hazel Gould; and her aunt, Edith Rebecca Ervin
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Papers of librarian Flora Neil Davidson, who worked for many years at the University of Wisconsin, which present a portrait of an early twentieth century career woman and glimpses of her work as a librarian. Included are several volumes of "diaries" which contain journal entries, poems, and quotations from written sources and from conversations; a list of books read; a guest book; a scrapbook with swatches of her dresses and descriptions of them and where they were worn; an extensive travel diary describing a 1929 trip to New England; photographs of Davidson and of Madison, particularly the University of Wisconsin; and an autograph album, 1878-1885, which belonged to Allie M. Greene. The diaries, including the travel diary, are indexed
State Library of Queensland
Autograph book by Amy
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Letters to Adams from various correspondents, chiefly concerning Adams's verse; manuscripts of poems and lectures; drawings by Morgan Sweeney (Boz) for books by Adams; contracts and correspondence with publishers; and three autograph albums
Harvard University - Houghton Library
An autograph collection possibly compiled by Toole containing letters and portraits of eighteenth and nineteenth-century English actors and playwrights. Includes engravings of Guiseppe De Begnis, John Fawcett, Charles Mathews, Benjamin Wrench as Benedick in Much ado about nothing, watercolor of [John] Liston as Paul Pry by J. Clayton Clarke, and a signed photograph of Toold, among other portraits. Also includes letters to Toole from Henry William George Paget Anglesey, Charles James Mathews, Benjamin Webster, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, John Baldwin Buckstone, Shirley Brooks, Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan, Lawrence Barrett, James Robertson Planche, and William Ewart Gladstone, among others. Also includes letters by Charles Dickens, among other correspondence
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Autograph album containing documents of President Abraham Lincoln, his cabinet members, senators, and others


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