San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Both signed by Master Elisha Pye on the dates of August 27 and August 30, 1799. The vessel was bound for Liverpool, England from Boston, Massachusetts
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
From a voyage from Baltimore, MD to San Francisco, CA in 1853. The bark was carrying cases of looking glasses, soap, candles, chewing tobacco, and smoking tobacco. The cargo was shipped by Adolph Sutro and the master of the ship was Samuel Martin
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
The Frank J. Pomin straight bills of lading comprise three documents for goods consigned to Mr. Pomin at the Lake Tahoe Basin post office where he was the first postmaster showing items shipped via Southern Pacific Railroad Company as requested by Standard Oil Company and John Breuner Company to deliver materials such as tanks, seat, matting, petroleum and shades to the Pomin post office for delivery to Moana Villa, Lake Tahoe, California in June 1911
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Papers include correspondence, bills of sale for slaves, balance sheets, bank checks, bills of lading, promisory notes, and other documents relating to the business of slave trading. Documents record slave names, age, location of sale, and ships used to transport. Especially mentions ships used for transport: Brig Ajax, Brig Ariel, and Brig Louisiana
University of Oregon
The Dispatch Line bill of lading collection contains a bill of lading by Dispatch Line Co. for a goods shipped by S. Marks and company on the schooner Sparrow, from San Francisco to Gardner City, Oregon. The bill of lading includes a detailed list of goods
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
This collection contains business correspondence, financial accounts, and receipts related to Philadelphia merchants John Hamilton and John M. Hood, and to the firms Hamilton & Drew and Hamilton & Hood. The receipts pertain to goods such as food, alcohol, and tobacco
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
The Joseph Shipley, Jr., collection is made up of business and personal correspondence related to the Shipley and Bringhurst families of Wilmington, Delaware. Most items are letters to Joseph Shipley, Jr., a native of Wilmington who was involved in shipping and banking in Liverpool, England, in the early to mid-19th century
Penobscot Marine Museum,-- Stephen Phillips Memorial Library
Chiefly business papers -- Includes several types of market reports, freight circulars, prices current, and bills of lading; protest papers relating to ships in which McGilvery owned an interest and other insurance documentation; 25 ledgers documenting business transactions; four vessel account books including expenses for voyages by McGilvery's bark Sarah H. Nickels, ship William McGilvery, and barks Moonbeam, Theoda, and Trovatora; seven day books recording daily sales of sundry goods such as food, tobacco, brooms, karosene, and varnish; six account books tracking daily sales by account holder; two ledgers documenting notes and bills payable; one cash book recording payments made for goods and services; three ledgers containing cash advances made to individuals and business; one book of currency exchange forms from a London bank; and one ledger documenting transactions with the Boston Marine Insurance Company
Mystic Seaport Museum,-- G.W Blunt White Library
Bills, statements for sperm oil, bills of lading, receipts, and journal (1868-1871) of a voyage by the bark Elizabeth Swift, trapped in the Arctic ice pack with 29 other vessels in Sept. 1871 -- Other vessels represented include barks Fanny and A.J. Pope
Maine Historical Society
Receipts, bills of lading, lists of foodstuffs, official port paperwork, and other papers, relating to the voyage of the brig Amazon, captained by John Martin. The ship appears to have left Portland, Me., ca. Aug. 1830 for New Orleans, then travelling in Dec. 1830 or Jan. 1831 for Marseilles, France and on to Barcelona, Spain, Apr. 1831, and from there to Havana, for the summer of 1831. There are no papers dated after Aug. 1831


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