Computer History Museum
Contains materials collected by Imlay primarily during his leadership of the software company Management Science America, Inc. (MSA). The records span 1966 through 1994 with the bulk of the collection being from 1971 to 1989 during the time that Imlay held various leadership roles at MSA including board chairman, chief executive officer, and president. The collection includes correspondence between Imlay and software industry leaders, publications both authored by MSA and/or regarding MSA and its place in the software industry, business records, legal documents surrounding multiple litigations that MSA was party to and United States Congress legislation that Imlay was personally involved in, MSA annual reports, and conference proceedings
New Haven Museum & Historical Society Library
Receipts, canceled bills, legal papers, and other business records
Arkansas History Commission
Business papers and correspondence and three ledgers. Companies represented include the Horace Rogers Real Estate Company (Fort Smith, Ark.), Fort Smith Crushed Stone Company (Fort Smith, Ark.), the Big Indian Oil & Development Company (Kansas City, Mo.), and the Prairie Creek Coal Company (Huntington, Ark.). The Prairie Creek Coal Company papers include correspondence and resolutions relating to the 1899 coal miners' strike in Arkansas and the Indian Territory
Montana State University--Bozeman Libraries, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
The collection consists of records from the Granite Mountain Mining Company followed by records of the Granite-BiMetallic Consolidated Mining Company and some materials of T.H. Kleinschmidt, a mine investor. The papers include copy ledger books; letter and account copy files; a time book; expense bills and receipts from suppliers and shippers; survey information; records of smelting, shipping and purchases of the mined ores; leases, bids, agreements and stockholder communications; and some miscellaneous post cards and pay check stubs
Montana Historical Society, Library and Archives Dept.
This collection consists of a daybook from an unidentified shipping or commission company, used as exhibit 1 for the defense in the lawsuit Kleinschmidt Bros. vs Kepner. Inside the daybook were receipts for apples from Fred Lehman, grocer, to Eugene Kepner. There are also affidavits of Eugene Kepner and Reinhold Kleinschmidt claiming ownership of the apples
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society
The collection documents the life and work of activist Laura J. Bock. There are materials related to her personal and family history, her business, and her work as a lesbian feminist, disability rights and fat activist. Bock's papers include correspondence, writings, photographs, biographical information and personalia, business records, subject files, ephemera and artifacts. Bock was one of the founders of the Fat Lip Readers' Theater and the collection includes the group's organizational records and scripts
University of North Dakota - Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections
The M.D. Butler & Co. Records date from 1902-1909, and consist of cancelled checks, various financial records, and lists of intoxicating beverages sold at Butler's drugstore, in Brocket, North Dakota. According to Brocket Centennial 1900-2000, the drugstore was named the Palace Drug Store, while the financial records in the collection indicate a name of M.D. Butler & Co. Two oversize volumes were placed on the shelves adjacent to the M.D. Butler & Co. Records
Arkansas History Commission
Chiefly letters to the Springfield Wagon Company from individuals and firms in Arkansas
University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K . Ross Toole Archives
This collection includes Carl J. Heinrich's business, financial, and personal correspondence, certificates, financial records, licenses, meeting minutes, Navy clippings and photos, Navy history documents, and Standard Furniture, Inc., seal maker. Materials relate to American National Retail Jewelers Association, George Heinrich, Heinrich family, Heinrich Furniture Company, Heinrich Jewelry Company, John Heinrich, Navy clippings, Navy Day (statewide and national), photos, and Standard Furniture, Inc. The bulk of the collection consists of Navy Day correspondence and business records related to Standard Furniture, Inc. Materials regarding the Heinrich Furniture Company, Heinrich Jewelry Company, and personal correspondence are limited
Maine Historical Society
Miscellaneous papers of the Boyd family of Portsmouth, N.H., and Louisiana, including shares in the Boscawen Bridge Corporation and the Portsmouth Library; bills of sale for slaves; a memorandum book of notes due; and some personal and business correspondence. Persons represented include George W. Boyd and William Boyd


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