Lynn Historical Society
Constitution and by-laws (1973), annual reports (1970-1980), histories, literary circle programs, manual, Christmas greetings (1883-1930), Easter program (1886), and 100th anniversary program (1974)
Congregational Library
Treasurer's records (1831-1852), church records (1852-1962), annual meeting records (1950-1959), register book 1960-1991), and society records (1849-1944) -- Persons represented include Eliza B. Wheaton who funded church renovations
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
This collection consists of "An Outline of the History of the Presbytery of Montana," in which E.J. Groeneveld discusses the 1872 to 1888 Montana Presbyterian Church conferences held throughout central and western Montana; together with minutes (17 June 1872) from a meeting held in Helena
Catholic Diocese of Amarillo
Includes correspondence, pastoral letters, printed matter including newspaper articles concerning the Diocese of Amarillo territory collected by Bishop Gerken, his episcopal coat of arms and official appointment document (English translation), a biography of Bishop Gerken by Sister Dymphna Lundy, scrapbook dedicated to Bishop Gerken, materials relating to the establishment of various diocesan institutions by Bishop Gerken: Price Memorial College (boys boarding high school), the Mexican Clinic, and Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Bishop Gerken's report (1929) to the American Board of Catholic Missions, "History of the Diocese of Amarillo", his daily log book (1927-1933), and items relating to the "Bishop's Plan," the first effort aimed at generating a dependable locally produced revenue source -- Correspondents represented include Katherine E. Price and the Archdiocese of San Antonio
Catholic Diocese of Amarillo
Includes biographical material, correspondence, wills and death certificate, financial documents, newspaper clippings, scrapbook, travel arrangements, and subject files; together with material relating to the 50th anniversary celebration of the Diocese of Amarillo and records of Bishop DeFalco's attendance at the final sessions of Vatican Council II -- Correspondence includes general chancery correspondence, personal correspondence, correspondence with Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Green, Diocese of Lansing, and correspondence with the Archdioceses of San Antonio, Santa Fe, and Chicago, and with other dioceses mostly in Texas
Talbot County Free Library,-- Maryland Room
Volume 1 (1690-1765) contains records of births, marriages, deaths, baptisms and volume 2 (1693-1830) contains register, vestrybook, and vestrybook accounts
Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, Episcopal Diocesan Center
Correspondence, chiefly with Bishop William Rollinson Whittingham, and official papers. A few items date before Potter became Bishop in 1845 but most concern his episcopate. Subjects include requests for Whittingham's advice; many clergy matters; views about the mission in Turkey, 1849, and support for the mission in Greece, 1860; Potter's role in Whittingham's controversy with the Reverend Henry Van Dyke Johns, 1850; interest in missions to Germans in Pennsylvania; approval of training women as physicians and educating them for church work, 1852; Civil War prayers; Potter's protest against Bishop John H. Hopkins's defense of slavery, 1863; and posthumous tributes
Salem County Historical Society
Sermons (112, 1837-1843), miscellaneous writings (1824-1837), correspondence (1835-1855), record of expenses (1837-1842), and miscellaneous papers, of Prescott and other family members -- Includes biographical information pertaining to Prescott's birth in Salem, Mass., graduation from Harvard in 1825, admittance to the bar in 1829 and membership in the City of Boston Common Council, subsequently leaving the law to study with Bishop George W. Doane in Burlington, N.J., after which he became rector of St. John's Episcopal Church, Salem, N.J., a position he retained until his death at sea while bound for Fayal for the benefit of his health. Family members represented include his wife, Margaretta Johnson (Smith) Prescott and his brother William H. Prescott, historian
Talbot County Free Library,-- Maryland Room
Abstracts of records of St. Michael's Parish, Talbot Co., Md -- Includes abstracts from vestry book (1738-1801); copy of register (1823-1853); records of baptisms, marriages, and funerals (1672-1704); copy of county register of births, marriages, and deaths (1657-1691); and marriage licenses (1739-1752)
Stephen F. Austin State University, East Texas Research Center
Correspondence, reports, announcements, sermon notes, receipts, and memorandum book and diary, of Arnold Rhodes (1830?-1887) who organized New Bethel Baptist Church Association in 1860; newspaper clippings about Arnold Rhodes and his son Jeff Worth Rhodes (1861-1941), who organized First Baptist Church of Woodville in 1887; essay, "Debate on Prohibition," by John H. Rhodes; and minutes of the 21st annual meeting of New Bethel Association


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