University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Theological treatise
Columbia University
Scrapbooks of material on Christian Science from 1895 to ca. 1930, begun by Alice Hooker Day, and continued by Stella Hadden Alexander
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of a Spanish manuscript by d. Amaro Espinosa. The title page reads: Sermones predicados por d. Amaro Espinosa, loco que florecio en Sevilla al fin del siglo pasado. Prohibidos por edicto de Marzo de 1776 n. 14. The manuscript contains multiple sermons, and is hand bound in calf
University of Virginia
Doubleday writes to Martin regarding controversy over Edna Ferber's novel, "Show Boat." He mentions a threat from Tom Taggart and a potential problem with the Catholic Church
Seattle Pacific University
This collection contains Free Methodist yearbooks, 1922-1998 (some gaps), Free Methodist Conference minutes, 1927-1955; hymnals, 1910 and other year(s); and 1989 General Conference records
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
Copy of a long letter against the Reform movement in Germany. The letter is unfinished and unsigned. It mentions and attacks Samuel Holdheim by name (4b), and alludes to Abraham Geiger
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
The collection consists of announcements, programs, pamphlets, letters and other ephemera items from various Jewish individuals, insititutions and events in the United States, mainly in the New York area, in the 20th century. The announcements consist of flyers and broadsides publicizing various personal and communal events, such as births of children, organizational dinners, and social gatherings, as well as a Yiddish broadside for a rally held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in honor of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (1997). The pamphlets are mainly published by the Skverer Hasidim of Boro Park, N.Y., as well as some from Neture Karta, the anti-Zionist Hasidic group. The letters mainly are responses from rabbis to questions in Jewish law written from members of their communities, as well as some letters from the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America conferring rabbinic ordination on various individuals. Also included in the collection are several signs that were hung in synagogues ... Read More
Yale University
Manuscript on paper, in a single hand, containing about 14 sets of religious, political, and historical reflections, and about 76 original poems and verse translations on primarily religious subjects. The prose entries include 9 arguments against the claim that Christ will rule for 1000 years on Earth; notes on Church Government; notes on witnesses in treason cases; and A Note of Diverse Remarkable Strange Accidents Taken Out Of Sr. Richard Bakers Cronicle From The Tyme Of William The Conqueror To The Beginning Of The Raigne Of King Charles. The poems include an English translation of The Free Prisoner: Or The Comfort of Restraint, "written some while since in the Tower by Doctor Joseph Hall the Bishoppe of Norwich"; a poem against "papists"; verse translations of the books of Job, Matthew, and James; and a poem titled Upon The Oxford Monie Coyned King Charles the First. Most of the entries were written while the author was a prisoner in the Tower of London, with some later verses ... Read More
Yale University
Autograph manuscript on Thomas Sherlock, bp. of London (1678-1761), attacking Sherlock's "The Use & Intent of Prophecy" and his answer to the freethinker Anthony Collins. Middleton criticizes Sherlock's attempts to connect Old Testament prophecies systematically to the Gospels as a "fanciful conceit," and insists that the Mosaic account of the Fall "should be considered as a moral fable," and that "the historical sense cannot be defended." Likewise, Middleton writes that "the oracles of the heathen world, which His Ldship. declares to have been given out by the Devil, in the form of a serpt., were all impostures, wholly managed by human craft, withoutany supernatural aid, or interposition wtsoever.".
Yale University
Manuscript on paper, in a single mixed hand, of 30 Anglican sermons preached in London ("this imperial citie") during the bubonic plague epidemic of 1625. 26 of the sermons are on texts from Genesis, chapter 3, and several explore the plague as a consequence of the fall of man. There are frequent references to patristic sources, and criticisms of Puritan attacks on the liturgy


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