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The collection consists of a Spanish manuscript by d. Amaro Espinosa. The title page reads: Sermones predicados por d. Amaro Espinosa, loco que florecio en Sevilla al fin del siglo pasado. Prohibidos por edicto de Marzo de 1776 n. 14. The manuscript contains multiple sermons, and is hand bound in calf
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
The collection consists of announcements, programs, pamphlets, letters and other ephemera items from various Jewish individuals, insititutions and events in the United States, mainly in the New York area, in the 20th century. The announcements consist of flyers and broadsides publicizing various personal and communal events, such as births of children, organizational dinners, and social gatherings, as well as a Yiddish broadside for a rally held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in honor of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (1997). The pamphlets are mainly published by the Skverer Hasidim of Boro Park, N.Y., as well as some from Neture Karta, the anti-Zionist Hasidic group. The letters mainly are responses from rabbis to questions in Jewish law written from members of their communities, as well as some letters from the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America conferring rabbinic ordination on various individuals. Also included in the collection are several signs that were hung in synagogues ... Read More
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
Copy of a long letter against the Reform movement in Germany. The letter is unfinished and unsigned. It mentions and attacks Samuel Holdheim by name (4b), and alludes to Abraham Geiger
State Library of New South Wales - Dixson Library
Letter in vindication of the principles of the reformation addressed to Roger Therry ... / Rev. Wm. Grant Broughton. 2nd ed. -- The ceremony of blessing & laying the foundation stone of a new church ... / Rev. W.B. Ullathorne -- A letter to the Rev. W.B. Ullathorne in answer to a few words to the Rev. Henry Fulton ... / by the Rev. Henry Fulton -- Observations on the use and abuse of the sacred scriptures ... / Rev. W.B. Ullathorne -- The conformity of the Church of England in her ministry, doctrine and liturgy to the apostolic precept and pattern a sermon ... / by Thomas Hartwell Horne -- On the true nature of the Holy Catholic Church -- Declaration of the Catholic bishops, the vicars apostolic and their Coadjutors in Great Britain. 3rd ed. -- Address from the British Roman Catholics to their protestant fellow countrymen -- Authentic report of the great protestant meeting held at Exeter Hall, London on Saturday June 20, 1835 -- A brief view of the reciprocal duties of ministers and ... Read More
University of Missouri - Columbia Libraries
The Jesuit's motto "To the greater glory of God." Do they mean the God of Heaven, or their self-made God, the Pope? [manuscript note on sample envelope from Waterlow & Sons] -- Romish brotherhoods / R. Steele. [London] : Printed for the Protestant Evangelical Mission, [1867?] -- The Sunday gazette [subscription information] [2 copies] -- An Irish Roman Catholic's view of priests & the confessional / George Alonzo Kelly. [London] : Printed for the Protestant Evangelical Mission, [1865?] -- De convivio 50 meretricum cum Duce Valentino -- Our national institutions & Romish idology (South Kensington Museum). London : Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union, [1866?] [3 copies] -- The "Royal" College of Maynooth. London : Published by the Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union, [186-?] -- Papal infallibility illustrated. London : Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union, [186-?] [3 copies] -- The Armourer [subscription information] -- P. 3-4 from ... Read More
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Theological treatise
Seattle Pacific University
This collection contains Free Methodist yearbooks, 1922-1998 (some gaps), Free Methodist Conference minutes, 1927-1955; hymnals, 1910 and other year(s); and 1989 General Conference records
University of Virginia
Doubleday writes to Martin regarding controversy over Edna Ferber's novel, "Show Boat." He mentions a threat from Tom Taggart and a potential problem with the Catholic Church
Columbia University
Scrapbooks of material on Christian Science from 1895 to ca. 1930, begun by Alice Hooker Day, and continued by Stella Hadden Alexander
Virginia Historical Society
This collection consists largely of the correspondence of Edmund Ruffin with family members and political colleagues, primarily concerning agricultural reform and farming operations at "Beechwood," "Coggin's Point," and "Shellbanks" in Prince George County, "Cabin Point" in Surry County, and "Marlbourne" in Hanover County, Va. Also, includes correspondence among his children and letters written by several of his sons while serving in various units of the Confederate States Army


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