National Library of Australia
Typescript memoirs of Allan McGregor, relating to his employment for BHP Steel, Newcastle. Includes 2 papers: 'Wellington Gold Alluvials", 1995, comments on BHP's gold exploration and assessment at the Wellington Alluvials on the Macquarie River, near Wellington, N.S.W.; and 'Gold at the Junction', 1995, which includes comments on assessing The Junction (junction of Flyer's Creek and the Belubuka River, N.S.W) for gold mining. The other paper, 'Recollections', 1992 is written by Allan's son, Malcolm McGregor
Milwaukee Public Library
A collection of photographs, a scrapebook, newspaper clippings (some in German), letters and photocopy of the Pauline L'Allemand and Edgar L'Allemand Manuscript Box 229; MSS 33, original possession of Milwaukee Public Library
Texas Tech University - Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Collection of seventeenth century manuscripts. Includes letters written by John Locke and a letter of patent from King William III, dated September 12, 1698
University of Cincinnati - Langsam Library
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Exhibit created and displayed for the 25th anniversary of the delivery of the first FORTRAN compiler including facsimiles of documents, textual analysis, flowcharts, memorabilia, FORTRAN manuals and other publications, photos of FORTRAN pioneers, and videotape on the history of FORTRAN featuring members of the original development team: John Backus, Sheldon Best, Richard Goldberg, Lois Mitchell Haibt, Harlan Herrick, Grace Mitchell, Robert Nelson, Roy Nutt, David Sayre, Peter Sheridan, and Irving Ziller
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Whithorn discusses her childhood in Nebraska; moving to Worden, Mont., in 1939; her Swedish family traditions including the preparation of lutefisk; attending college in Lincoln, Neb.; living in Billings during World War II; her husband, Bill Whithorn's work in reproducing historic photographs; her own interest in local history; writing for the local newspaper; the establishment of the Park County historical society and museum; her publishing career; local history including Chico Hot Springs, the development of Gardiner, Jardine, the Aldridge coal mining, the Shields River Valley, and the site where Robert Eugene Cutler shot Axel Hill in 1907; and her work running the Wan-I-Gan, a tourist camp near Emigrant, Mont
University of Manitoba - Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Bound collection of facsimiles of archival documents concerning the Catholic Church in North America, predominently Canada. Includes correspondence from the missions, acts, and other archival documents
New England Conservatory of Music - Harriet M. Spaulding Library
Symphony in black. Folder 15, Pencil ms. of Ducky wucky (6 leaves) ; Folder 16, 1 part for "Cat" Anderson to Jealous (1 leaf) ; Folder 17, Printed sheet music for Saddest tale, short score in pencil, and parts set in pencil (11 leaves) -- Reminiscing in tempo. Folder 1, Printed sheet music plus 3 leaves pencil mss. (5 leaves) ; Folder 2, Pencil scores (16 leaves) ; Folder 3, Part sets (parts of 3) performance copies (58 leaves) ; Folder 4, Original pencil parts (33 leaves) ; Folder 5, Parts (13 leaves) -- New world a comin'. Folder 1, Piano lead sheet (10 leaves) ; Folder 2, Part set (performance copies) (31 leaves) ; Folder 3, Handwritten score (12 leaves) ; Folder 4, Handwritten ms. sheet (2 leaves) ; Folder 5, Copy score (3 leaves) ; Folder 6, Parts (19 leaves) ; Folder 7, Parts (24 leaves) ; Folder 8, Pencil mss. (10 leaves)