University of North Dakota - Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections
Series X is divided into seven sub-series, and contains materials from local organizations in which Dagne Olsen was involved. Series XI is divided into nine sub-series and contains materials from the statewide organizations in which Dagne Olsen was involved
University of North Dakota - Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections
Olsen was a very active member of the Association of Retarded Citizens, Valley Chapter for well over twenty years. This series is divided into thirteen sub-series
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
The A.C. Bakken papers contain materials related to major cases heard before Judge Bakken in Northeast Central District Court in North Dakota, files on cases from other districts, and memorandum decisions written by the Judge. Also included are materials from the North Dakota Supreme Court; these documents are of two types: decisions in which Bakken participated, as well as cases appealed from Bakken's court. Trial notes, briefs, affidavits, jury instructions, orders, decisions, and correspondence are among the types of legal documents included in the collection. Several newspaper clippings are also present in the collection. The collection is divided into six series as follows: Series I: Major Cases Tried Before Judge Bakken in Northeast Central District Court This series is arranged according to when each case was first brought before Judge Bakken. The dates listed in the inventory and on the folders are not always chronological because some of the case files include materials ... Read More
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Consists of minutes, subject files, correspondence, budgets, memoranda, reports, financial statements, notes, photographs, constitution, programs, publications, and records of a health maintenance organization study
Maine Historical Society
Miscellaneous papers consisting of drafts of correspondence, reports and financial statements of the Androscoggin and Kennebec Railroad; also railroad broadsides, one with woodcut of a locomotive with a tender and freight car; and photocopies of newspaper clippings having reference to railroad legislation and policy, and to the Androscoggin and Kennebec, the Atlantic and St. Lawrence, and the Kennebec and Portland railroads
Ball State University - Bracken Library
The collection contains meeting minutes (1945-76), treasurer's reports (1981-91), annual financial statements (1959-91), board minutes (1986-91), brochures (1989), membership applicants (1970-91), officer rosters (1945-85), a petition to amend the charter (1982), guestbooks (1972-90), the CPS Award Indiana Division (1960-64), a scrapbook (1968-90), and information on disbandment (1991)
New Jersey Historical Society
This collection contains the records of the Second Light Infantry Regiment of the Pennsylvania Militia from the years 1814 to 1816, including muster rolls, pay rolls, receipt rolls, and other financial records pertaining to the regiment. The commanding officers of the regiment that are mentioned in the records are Louis Bache (Colonel), William Darlington (First Major), and John Sedan (Second Major). The company commanders within the regiment that are mentioned in the records (all with the rank of captain) are Jacob Grosh, William Holdgate, William McGlathery, Peter Nungesser, John F. Ruhe, George Schwenk, Titus Taylor, Christopher Vanartsdalen, and John G. Wessler. Other officers mentioned in the records are Richard D. Corson (Surgeon), Isaac Darlington (Lieutenant), John Duer (Ensign), Levi Evans (Lieutenant), Thomas Evans (Surgeon's Mate), John Supple (Ensign), and Jonathan Wynkoop (Paymaster). The records are divided into two series; the first series contains the muster rolls for ... Read More
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
The director of campaign and political finance administers through this office the laws of the Commonwealth regulating political campaigns. Persons seeking election to the General Court must report their campaign finances to the director of campaign and political finance three times during an election year and annually in other years. The director is charged by MGLA c 55, c 3 to examine these filings for accuracy and compliance with the law, and to investigate violations. This series contains Campaign finance reports (CPF 102) filed by these so-called nondepository candidates, and correspondence relating to filing or failure of candidates to file -- Reports include a summary of account activity and ending balance; detailed accounts of receipts over fifty dollars, including date received, contributor name and residential address, and amount of contribution; expenditures or disbursements of twenty-five dollars or more, including date paid, to whom paid, address, purpose, and amount; "in ... Read More
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Per order of the Massachusetts Senate (120 S 1874), the state secretary was to determine from clerks of the superior, municipal, district, and police courts, and from trial justices in the counties, the amount of expenditures, costs, and fees paid or incurred in prosecutions instituted or conducted by the state police (i.e., the local constabulary collectively; cf. GS 1860, c 18, ss 60-70) during 1873. Series consists of printed forms containing responses from judicial officials to the secretary's request for that information -- Returns include name and location of court, costs, fees, and other expenditures paid or incurred, remarks, town, date, and signature of clerk. Some courts further explained their costs in terms of witness fees and fines
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
County commissioners were required by St 1840, c 90 to submit a return to the state secretary of information concerning the highways constructed in the preceding year. Returns reported estimated and actual costs of construction for new highways and alterations -- Information includes name of petitioner, length of highways, town name, payments made by county; also names of towns neglecting to construct. Return is certified and signed by the county clerk


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