Harvard Film Archive
The Tony Pugliese collection of 16mm film prints was donated to the Harvard Film Archive in summer 2010 by the collector's daughter, Michelle Mollica. This seemingly eclectic group of classical Hollywood films ranging from 1932 to 1965 is threaded together by the recurring presence of actor Paul Muni. Some of the films also star other Hollywood screen legends like Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson and Bette Davis. However, Pugliese's interest in Muni's films is truly the highlight of the collection
Montgomery County Community College
In this silent drama set in the southwest, Juan and Juanita wish to marry, but Juan has no money; however, Juan foils a train robbery and gains a reward (and gets the girl)
Suffolk County Public Libraries
Long Island cop Marie leaves the police force after becoming a victim of suicide by cop. She marries her boyfriend Barry hoping for the quiet life. Barry is killed in a car accident and Marie finds out that he changed the beneficiary of his life insurance policy to mobster Ralph Notti. Marie puts the puzzle together with her former boss and friend Police Captain "Cap" and realizes her husband was murdered to pay a mob debt. Marie takes the law into her own hands and unleashes a one woman bloodbath against the mob
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
George Raft is on the right; prisoners working with fiber
Washington State University - Holland Library
Newspaper reporter Joe Ryan and District Attorney Thomas Redwine make a deal whereby Joe will have access to jailed actress Judy Allen in exchange for help on a tough racketeering case. By promising that she and her chorus girl friends, who were picked up during a nightclub raid, will be freed from jail, Joe persuades Judy to use her acting skills to impersonate a fortune-teller in an undercover operation. With assistance from ventriloquist Kitty, Judy, becomes Haidee, a fortune-teller working out of a shop that is lined with hidden cameras and microphones. Shortly after opening for business, Buzzell, a phony private detective, shows up demanding protection money. In the meantime, Joe's close friend, Phoebe Sawyer, a very wealthy widow, is talked into visiting Marvin, the Sightless Seer by her maid. Unaware of the tricks that he is using to obtain information, the usually skeptical Phoebe is impressed by Marvin's apparent ability to see her life. While Marvin and his cohorts, lawyer ... Read More
National Library Board, Singapore
This film chronicles the stories of three characters - an absent-minded goldsmith clerk, an introverted junior chef, and a juvenile peddlar girl - whose lives coincide in the course of a day as a result of a series of events involving a medley of farcical villains


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