Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society
The bulk of the collection consists of Lowell's photographs of gay hippies and male nudes in the 1970s -- There are mounted prints, proofs, contact sheets and negatives. Almost all the manuscript materials in the collection are from the year 1970. The collection includes position papers, broadsides, essays, and poetry from "progressive" organizations, including material on women's issues from throughout the country. The more clearly political publications are from the Red Butterfly Collective, Gay Flames from the NYC Gay Liberation Front and an essay by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. There are also poetry, letters and anthologies of creative works from Bob Rivera, Charles Shively, and the Hoddypoll Press in San Francisco
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Series I-III: the bulk of the collection consists of 282 glass photographic negatives taken, with only few exceptions by Lois Lilley Howe (1892-1912), either 4"x5" (159) or 5"x7" (110), with a few large format 8"x10" plates (12). About 135 of the negatives have associated prints (apparently made when the collection was first processed by the Cambridge Historical Society). Subjects of the negatives include several studies of a laurel-wreathed young man, Lydiard Horton, several young women, and a child; studies of various flowers, taken indoors and out; fire and fireplaces; clients and friends of Howe such as members of the Alfred C. Potter family; staged portraits; scenes of holidays (ca. 1895-1906) spent in Tamworth, N.H., near Mount Chocorua; members of the Twitchell family; Dr. Samuel McChord Crothers, minister in Cambridge; landscapes along the Charles River; and various historical houses in Cambridge
Museum of the Great Plains
Two copy negatives: one of a horse and wagon in front of Zorger's furniture store and the second of Lawton Mattress Factory with two workers inside
Museum of the Great Plains
Color negatives and photographs (336 of each), taken by Joe Hayes and Randy Kinnison, of objects from Nellie Stevens's Mohawk Lodge Indian Store in Clinton, Okla., one of the oldest trading posts in the state. The store was started by Reese Kincaid in the 1890s to provide an outlet for Indian crafts, chiefly Arapaho and Cheyenne, and was originally located in Colony, Okla., later Watonga, and finally moved to Clinton
Museum of the Great Plains
Prints (322) and copy negatives (46) including views of Museum of the Great Plains, museum exhibits, and archaeological sites in the 1960s when Tong was director; images of Ralph Foster Museum (Mo.); family photos, chiefly taken in Springfield, Mo.; historic 19th c. images; and travel photos -- Persons represented include members of the Tong family, Frank S. Sneed, Waldo R. Wedel, Ned Shepler, Jack Darling, Louis W. Mink, Jr., Adrian Anderson, James A. Marler, Jim Owen, Steve Miller, S.C. Turnbo, and Franklin G. Smith
St. Croix Historical Society
Six hundred ninety documents, 274 photographs, and 105 film negatives of architecturally and historically significant buildings located in Washington County, Me., as well as correspondence between Bodger and others who assisted in researching and gathering the material
Museum of the Great Plains
Copy negatives -- Subjects include Apache family living in the Anadarko area. Includes both individual and family portraits, within the studio and outside, some persons in Indian garb. Also includes images from Fort Sill Indian School, Apache Mission, and Mescalero Indian Reservation
Museum of the Great Plains
One original print and one negative of men on the outskirts of Lawton, Okla., in 1901, drilling a water well -- In the background is the tent city of early Lawton. Persons represented include Henry Mosley, Jesse Lasiter, and H.F. Lasiter
Maine Historical Society
Photos of street cars, trolley resorts, power stations, and other appurtenances pertaining to the operation of the street railway lines of the State of Maine -- Negatives are 4"x5" trimmed black and white negatives. These Maine street railway photographs cover every type of horse and electric car which has operated within the state. Many of the pictures also contain backgrounds of special interest, showing buildings and street scenes of various localities from 1863 when the first horse car ran on Congress Street in Portland, to the last operation of an electric car in the town of Sanford in 1949. Some of the railroad companies included are Portland Railroad Co. horse cars; Portland-Lewiston Interurban Railroad, Lewiston and Auburn Railroad, Augusta, Hallowell and Gardiner Street Railroad, Bath Street Railroad, Brunswick Electric Railroad, Auburn and Turner Railroad, Androscoggin and Kennebec Railway, Fairfield and Shawmut Railway, Norway and Paris Street Railway, Somerset Traction ... Read More
Museum of the Great Plains
Copy negatives of Comanche County, Okla., physicians: Dr. George W. Linville, first doctor in Cache, Okla.; and Dr. Chesley H. Martin (photo from Lawton Constitution, 1959), of Elgin, Okla., who was active in civic affairs there


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