State Library of Victoria
Compiled by Charles Patrick Smith and also includes 11 photographs
New York State Archives
This series contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, pamphlets, maps, and newspapers exchanged between the Office of Civilian Protection and other states' civil defense organizations in order to share information on operations, regulations, and issues such as blackouts and airplane spotting. A collection of civil defense newspapers from various states constitutes a large part of the series, as do correspondence and other materials exchanged with Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Civil defense annual or special reports are frequently found, as well as newspaper clippings about civil defense activities and correspondence posing or responding to questions concerning civil defense activities. Other states represented in this series include Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Also found in this series is a mailing list of New York defense councils
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Artificial collection of reproductions of the July 2, 1863 wallpaper edition of the Vicksburg Daily Citizen that was printed by Union troops after capturing the city on July 4, 1863. The reproductions differ from the original editions in size, printing errors, and wallpaper designs. Editor James Swords printed several editions of the newspaper on wallpaper when supplies of newsprint ran out because of the Union siege of the city. When Union troops entered the city on July 4 they found the type still set for the July 2 edition. Reproductions of this edition became very popular after the war and were made as late as the 1920s
New York State Archives
These are issues of school newspapers written, edited, and printed by inmates -- The newspapers include: news items concerning personnel changes, school events such as the annual exhibitions, sports at the school or between the school and other schools, and war experiences of former inmates or others connected with the school; articles on the importance of learning a trade and developing certain character traits considered acceptable; short stories, poems, and jokes, often quoted from other periodicals; and messages from institution officials offering advice or publicizing upcoming events. The series contains issues of: "The Industrial Bee" (monthly, first published November 1916)--16 issues, March 1917-November 1918; "Industry Monthly News" (first published July 1930)--2 issues, July 1930 and February 18, 1931; "The Challenger" (bi-weekly, first published May 21, 1938)--17 issues, May 21, 1938-May 25, 1939; "Print Shop News" (monthly, first published June 1944), 1 issue, June 1944; ... Read More
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Newspaper articles dating from the 1930s, 1940s and 1960s
University of South Carolina
Letters, chiefly consisting of World War II correspondence exchanged between men in service and their wives, mothers, girlfriends and others at home in South Carolina. Persons represented include members of the Plowden, Hall, Cassidy and related families
State Library of Queensland
Ashton & Stalybridge Reporter (newspaper) 1864
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Some items, but not all, were collected by Thomas Wolfe, as some materials included here were assembled and added after Wolfe's death. Includes: clippings from American and European newspapers and periodicals including reviews of Wolfe's works, biographical information, and obituaries; a collection of periodicals, newspapers (mostly German), and publishers' advertisements; photographic postcards (mostly unused and views principally European), postcard albums, and other photographic reproductions of art masterpieces, historic sites, scenic views; photographs and drawings of Wolfe and his family and friends, watercolor sketches of his homes, X-ray negatives of Wolfe, and other publishers' material for his books; programs and pamphlets for plays, concerts, museums, theaters, courses of study, etc..., including several from The Carolina Playmakers; and a collection of travel materials such as guidebooks, museum catalogs, scenic albums, tourist pamphlets, maps, timetables, souvenir menus, ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
Collection of domestic newspaper issues
University of Oregon
The PCUN records consists of correspondence, newsletters, publications, photographs, newspaper clippings, audio recordings, and other documents that provide a view of the history of the largest labor union and Latino organization in the State of Oregon