Thomas Balch Library
The collection consists of two pamphlets titled "Reminiscences of Georgetown, D.C. A Lecture" and "Reminiscences of Georgetown, D.C. Second Lecture." Both lectures were delivered in the Methodist Protestant Church in Georgetown, the first on 20 Jan. 1859 and the second on 9 Mar. 1859. The first lecture is dedicated to Dr. Benjamin Bohrer, and the cover bears the signature of David Bangs. The second lecture is dedicated to Miss Elizabeth Dick. Both lectures describe people and places in Georgetown. There are penciled annotations in both pamphlets
University of Mississippi
This collection consists of two separate groups of records pertaining to James Silver, acquired in two accessions. Accession 76-40 consists of five boxes containing correspondence, writings, research materials, pamphlets, speeches, and newspaper clippings documenting Silver's academic career and events at the University of Mississippi from 1949 to 1965, with the bulk of material documenting the period from 1959 to 1965. Accession 87-25 consists of 50 boxes containing correspondence, writings, publications, research notes, legal documents, speeches, personal papers, printed material, newspaper clippings, photographs, and audio recordings from 1935 to 1986. The collection documents a range of topics, including the integration of the University of Mississippi, positive and negative reactions to Mississippi: The Closed Society, and Silver's numerous research projects, speaking engagements, and teaching assignments
University of Mississippi
Press releases and pamphlets related to the centennial of the U.S. Civil War
Duxbury Rural and Historical Society, Drew Archival Library
Thirty-two pamphlets owned by Gershom Bradford Weston published between 1828 and 1867. The subject matter covers a variety of contemporary social and political topics, including abolition, religion, Unitarianism, government, and education. Of special note are the sermons of William E. Channing and Theodore Parker as well as the autobiography of Sojourner Truth. Some of the pamphlets are inscribed with the names of other family members such as Claudius Bradford, Maria Bradford, and Benjamin Alden
Martha's Vineyard Museum
The collection consists of printed pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, serials, maps and small publications related to the island of Nantucket dating from the late 1800s to the 1960s. Many of the items in the collection were issued by the Nantucket Historical Association, the town Information Bureau or the ferry and railroad lines which served the island. Most of the materials are illustrated with prints; some by well-known illustrators and publishers, such as John Held, 1947- (illustrator) and L. Prang & Co. (publisher), and others with stock photographs reproduced using photomechanical processes. Although these materials were acquired from a variety of sources, they were gathered together by a previous staff member to form an artificial collection on Nantucket
Delaware Art Museum
Scrapbook chronicling the activities of the family of James Marquis Hoskins, beginning with the settlement (1826) of his father Joseph Hoskins in Indiana -- Includes correspondence, newspaper articles (chiefly obituaries), school certificates and pamphlets, photographs, telegrams, advertisements, pamphlets, calling cards, and ephemera relating to late nineteenth early twentieth century Clay County, Ind.; life in Brazil, Cloverland and Terra Haute, Ind.; involvement in local business and political functions; activities in community organizations, such as the Brazil Lodge of Elks; and items relating to the teaching career of Alice Jane Hoskins. Other families represented include the Carpenter family
Maine Historical Society
Collection includes newspaper clippings, newspaper articles and pamphlets relating to Frances Peabody and her house. Also includes ALS card to Althea Noyes from Frances Peabody -- Frances Peabody was a historic preservationist and activist. She was born in 1903 in Portland, Me., graduated from Smith College, and was active in Colonial Dames, Morse-Libby House, Greater Portland Landmarks, etc. Frances Peabody died in 2001
Washington State Historical Society
Collection consists of Hooker's papers from the two world wars, personal papers, and papers relating to his work with the Hooker Electrochemical Company during the 1920s as western sales manager in Tacoma, Wash. Hooker served in both wars as a chemical officer in the U.S. Army and correspondence from those wars reflects his work as a chemical officer, life on the front and in civilian areas, life in the trenches, air warfare, and civilian and military attitudes toward these wars. Much of the correspondence during World War I is to and from family members, especially his brother, R. Wolcott Hooker, and is supported by orders, pamphlets, reports, ephemera, and maps. Correspondence during World War II is chiefly with his wife, Ellen Jane (Jones) Hooker, and daughter, Mary Rogan Huntington Hooker, discussing homesickness and loneliness while stationed in London and financial matters; together with reports, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, orders, and ephemera. Records of the Hooker ... Read More
University of North Dakota - Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections
Records consist of four folders: I. Scrapbook. II. Newspaper clippings. III. Pamphlets. IV. Correspondence
New York City Department of Records and Information Services
Accession is comprised of reports, meeting notices and minutes, brochures, and notices offering assistance to women on a variety of Women's issues. Issues of major importance include sexual harassment, drug and physical abuse, and child care. Miriam Friedlander has been the Chair of the Committee on Women since its inception