University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Records of YMCA work in Russia and the Soviet Union consist of reports, correspondence, financial records, and printed material. Early material consists primarily of correspondence among YMCA secretaries working in Russia, as well as correspondence and reports to James Stokes, John R. Mott, and other YMCA leaders in the United States on matters relating to programs, relations with the Orthodox Church, finances, and membership recuritment. During World War I, the North American YMCA shifted its emphasis to welfare with soldiers, including work with prisoners of war. Thus, much of the 1914 to 1918 records deal with the financing and administration of visits to prisoners of war camps and of getting educational and recreational materials to prisoners. World War I-era reports and correspondence also document YMCA work with American and British soldiers participating in the 1918 allied intervention in Soviet Russia at Murmansk and Archangel; and with YMCA work with Czech prisoners of war in ... Read More
Boston Athenaeum
Literate and engaging letters from Rowland Burdon-Muller principally to his sister, Mrs. Charles Severne, detailing life in Paris during and just after WWI; during these years Burdon-Muller served as hospital volunteer and secretary at the Paris peace conference. He spent little time at the front--the French military hospital at Ris-Orangis was well behind the lines--but much time in the capitol, attending glittering soirees with the sound of German artillery in the distance. A diligent correspondent during the course of the war, he wrote weekly describing these parties with care, noting all in attendance; Burdon-Muller did not mingle with other Americans, but rather with the British and French aristocracy with whom he felt a greater affinity. Letters from the 1920s describe travels in California and Hawaii, the Far East, Egypt, Palestine and in Europe and the Mediterranean. Some letters are mutilated, perhaps self-censored
University of North Texas Library
Transcript of the tape-recorded letters of Captain Edward P. Jaeger, Army Veteran (United States Army Medical Service Corps), concerning his experiences during the Vietnam War as a medical supply officer with the 17th Field Hospital (An Khe) and the 67th Evacuation Hospital (Qui Nhon), 1968-69, as related in tape-recorded letters to his parents, Edward F and Alice P Jaeger. Chronicle of his departure for Vietnam; description of Vietnamese village life and culture; assignment to 17th Field Hospital at An Khe; physical description of facilities at 17th Field Hospital; his responsibilities as medical supply officer; descriptions of and comments about unit personnel; problems in procuring medical supplies; problems with drunkenness among personnel; enemy mortar attacks; discipline problems; his institution of reforms in the medical supply operations; effects of constant changeovers in unit command; remodeling of the Officer's Club; leisure time and recreational activities; racial ... Read More
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
Originally donated to the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at Florida State University in 2001, The Tom Brokaw collection is comprised of material sent to Tom Brokaw by World War II veterans before, during and after the publishing of his books The greatest generation (1998) and The greatest generation speaks (1999). Contained within The Tom Brokaw collection are reminiscences from World War II veterans and those who were alive during the conflict, correspondence written to families back home during the war years, publications from various World War II veterans associations, poems written by veterans and their families commemorating their service in the war, photographs as well as artifacts and ephemera from the war years
University of Idaho
Collection consists of two volumes compiled by Keith Gunther of Harlie Gunther's reminiscences of his childhood and youth in Latah County, Idaho, as well as his service in the U.S. Army during World War II. The first volume is titled Harlie: Memories of the Early Days, and the second, Combat Engineer Notes: Harlie Gunther's WWII Experiences. Keith Gunther is the son of Harlie Gunther
University of Idaho
Diary account of experiences aboard U.S.S. Hutchinson-PF-35 in the Pacific during World War II, along with photocopies of maps, certificates and list of shipmates. Also newspapers published during 1944 and 1945
University of North Texas Library
The letters of Edward P. Jaeger, Army Veteran (17th Field Hospital and 67th Evacuation Hospital), written to his wife from An Khe and Qhi Nhon, Republic of Vietnam, during (1968-69)


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