Vermont Covered Bridge Society
Photocopies of photographs and postcards (ca. 1960-2008); printouts of articles (2000-2008); and printouts of U.S. Geological Survey maps (1904 and 1946)
The Jackson Homestead
Reminiscences (1846-1902) reflecting Allen's education, philosophy, and his school, providing insights as to his wide interests in such subjects as abolition, women's suffrage, and temperance, pocket diaries (1878-1895) with notes on day-to-day activities, letterbook index (1880-1881) listing correspondents, photographs, and other papers of Allen and his family; materials of West Newton English and Classical School (also known as Allen School), including fliers, programs, historical sketch, and catalogs; and materials relating to the Nathaniel Allen House, on 35 Webster St., West Newton, which served as a stop on the underground railroad, acquired by Allen School and House Preservation Corporation in 1981, including bylaws and other records of the corporation, preservation instructions, funding documents, and photographs
Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Materials on Washington, D.C., office buildings compiled by Dr. Goode as part of his research for a paper entitled "Escaping the Box, Washington's Best-Designed Office Buildings of the Eighties" and proposed additions to the AIA guide to Washington, D.C., architecture -- Includes research material for the paper; research materials for proposed addions to the AIA guide; photographs of Washington, D.C., office buildings; background informnation researched by Selena Hoyle; and architectural brochures
Cambridge Historical Society
The Hollis G. Gerrish Papers document the life of Hollis G. Gerrish and the later years of the Squirrel Brand Company of Cambridge, Massachusetts. They consist of personal and business correspondence, financial records, real estate records, journals and address books, sales records, inventories, ingredient lists, candy packaging and advertisements, photographs, and memorabilia. Some correspondence is intermingled throughout the collection and noted at the folder level
University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K . Ross Toole Archives
This collection contains such items as publications, original manuscripts, field notes, photo indexes, correspondences, photographs and school examination booklets. John Blackford's articles and photographs in magazines such as American Forests, Natural History, and Nature Magazine are the most prominent part of the collection. There are also numerous photographic prints of landscapes, plants, animals, and people mostly from the northwest and southwest United States
Brick Store Museum
Consists of a typescript of Andrew Walker's diary (1862-1891; he lived from 1851-1891); vintage photographs all relating to the Parsons family (including family homes); glass plate negatives of the family; newspaper clippings about the 1947 fire, floods and shipwrecks in Kennebunk; account ledgers of Col. Joseph Parsons (1803-1825) and William Parsons (1823-1850); copies of five pages of the 1872 Sanford atlas; a plan of Cape Arundel (ca. 1900); and a hand-drawn map of the B&M Railroad after a forest fire. There is also an insurance document for the Ship Phebe from 1785
Museum of History & Industry, Sophie Frye Bass Library
Consists of photographs, documents, clippings and books relating to Base Hospital No. 50 of Seattle, and to Donald P. Myers' service with the unit, which served in Mesvres, France in 1918 and 1919. The photographs in the collection include group and individual portraits of officers, enlisted men and nurses, and scrapbook pages containing snapshots taken at Base Hospital No. 50. Records belonging to Donald P. Myers include correspondence, various Army camp tickets, and a pay booklet. The materials relating to reunions and veteran activities include rosters, letters, commendations and certificates. These materials appear to have been removed from a scrapbook at some point, as they have glue and black paper residue on the backs. also includes a book of World War I cartoons by Bruce Bairnsfather, and a copy of The History of Base Hospital Number Fifty, complied and written in 1922 by the Official Committee of Base Hospital 50. This 190-page book contains a detailed history of the Base ... Read More
University of Mississippi
The collection contains 2 VHS tapes of the symposium and ceremony held on 15 July 2003; 1 DVD of both the symposium and ceremony; invitations and programs to the event ; copies of letter President Kennedy sent to U.S. Marshal Denzil Staple; copy of photographs of Attorney General Robert Kennedy; copy of photograph of U.S. Deputy Marshals with Robert F. Kennedy that went to Mississippi; copy of photograph of marshals assigned to James Meredith; copy of photograph of U.S. Deputy Marshal Graham Same with Robert F. Kennedy in Attorney General's office; copy of statement issued by Robert F. Kennedy on incident in Oxford, Miss.; and autographed copies of speech of James Meredith given on 15 July 2003. Some of the items in the collection were formerly part of a 2001 Dept. of Justice exhibition entitled "The Kennedy Justice Years 1961-1964.".
Jewish Museum Milwaukee
Contains photographs of students at the Fourth Street School (including Sol and Libby Kosberg and Hy Popuch); Freiheit Arbeiter Band; Lincoln High School Band; and a New Year's Eve party
Congregational Library
Church records including committee and annual minutes, by-laws, constitution, covenant of faith, correspondence, financial, and building records; membership records such as baptisms, deaths, marriages, admission, and dismission registries as well as membership index; files on ministers, including records of search committees and some sermons; woman's association records, including annual reports, Sunday school, and other auxiliary and social groups; newsletter entitled The Courier (1932-2002); and documents relating to church history, including photographs, programs, orders of service, anniversary celebrations, church histories, biographies of some members, and miscellany -- Ministers represented include Abraham J. Muste, Randolph S. Merrill, Robert J. Harding, and William Tolley