Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Journal, postcards, photo albums, and other memorabilia, relating to the 1932 Omnibus College tour of the western U.S., a tour on which Spong served as baggage handler. The Omnibus College combined regular lectures with travel and recreation, covering places of interest along its route
Vermont Covered Bridge Society
Articles (2003, 2004) about six of the covered bridges in Virginia and one early clipping; together with two Kodacolor postcards illustrating one existing bridge and three calendar prints of one extant and two lost bridges
Maine Historical Society
Chiefly letters written by Andrew to her family and friends during her years at Mount Silinda -- The letters are mostly typewritten and there are often multiples of the same letter with different names written in for the recipients. Other materials in the collection include 5 diaries (1953-1959), travel account (1953), two books about Africa, newspaper articles, photographs, postcards, pamphlets, small posters, tourist booklets, itineraries, greeting cards, school essays from her students, her passport, and an early copy of her will
Jefferson County Historical Society
Chiefly photographs but also some other types of picorial material of Port Townsend, Wash., buildings, businesses, storms, waterfront, etc
Maine Historical Society
Two oversize scrapbooks from the Arthur Unobskey family of Eastport and Calais, Me -- Topics represented include the Passamaquoddy tidal project, and business and publicity matters of the Unobskey's department stores. Also includes tipped-in photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings, invitations, letters, and telegram, ca. 1930s-1950s. One of the letters (in v. 1) has "The White House" letter head, and is signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt (carbon copy?), and dated July 30, 1941, in relation to the "President's Birthday Ball" in Calais (several newspaper clippings and ephemera related to this). The scrapbooks are tailoring books/woollen sample books, which include images of men's fashion
Museum of the Great Plains
Photographs, chiefly views of Lawton's birthday parade (1939-1949) but also including parade photos from the 1913 and 1914 parades and one postcard of Fifth Ward School (1914) -- Persons represented include Brooks and his wife, and members of the Brooks and Thomas families
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society
Consists of a postcard image of Barnard; four drawings, in the form of memorial cards, which Barnard made to honor friends who had died, as well as an explanatory note about them; and a short autobiographical sketch -- The postcard is a reprint of a photograph that was taken at a Diggers/Hells Angels celebration in Golden Gate Park in 1967. According to Barnard, the photo first appeared in an article called "Wither the Hippies?" by John Luce, in a May 1967 issue of San Francisco Magazine. It was reprinted in 1997 to be sold as a postcard for a music store opening in the Cannery in San Francisco. The drawings, which were reproduced as note cards, are called: "Nocturnes: Four Memorial Drawings." They celebrate the lives of Barnard's friends, Daniel Arnot (1959-1992); Chuck Arnett (1928-1988); Jerry Holcomb (1944-1987); and Janet Ehrenspeck (1930-1992). Some of the drawings were originally done in the eighties
Bedford Historical Society
Postcards (1906-1919) received by Shannon family members, chiefly Mary Shannon, as well as blank postcards; items relating to Henry Shannon's membership in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, including his membership certificate, insurance certificate (1868), and an annual membership card (1893); letters (1955-1958) from Edward C. and Frank Shannon regarding insurance benefits of their father Henry; abstract of title search and warranty deed for property purchased by Henry and Mary Shannon in 1893; letters and freight bills (1922-1927) to Frank Shannon; copy of baptismal record (1882) for Edward C. Shannon; newspaper clippings (1946-1950) relating to the work of brain surgeon Edward Shannon, son of Edward C.; and letter (1956) from Ohio governor Frank J. Lausche to Edward Shannon. Added 2012: A hardbound notebook (7.5"x10") with "W.A. Shannon" written on the cover. Entitled "Outline of Scientific Literature", the notebook contains themes and writers in American literature of the ... Read More
Perkins School for the Blind Archives
Materials related to soldiers blinded or disabled in World War I in the United States, France, and Italy and the organizations, government agencies, and schools involved in their care, education, and vocational training -- Correspondence collection of Edward E. Allen between Winifred Holt Mather, founder of Lighthouse International, and individuals in the Veterans Bureau, Red Cross Institution for the Blind, the Lighthouse of France, Committee for Men Blinded in Battle, St. Dunstan's in London, and American-British-French-Belgian Permanent Blind Relief War Fund. Includes postcard collections, and publications and clippings in addition to correspondence and other writings
Maine Historical Society
Correspondence, postcards, school and business records, and Freemasons papers, of members of the Warren family, chiefly of Lewis P. Warren