Maine Historical Society
Chiefly letters written by Andrew to her family and friends during her years at Mount Silinda -- The letters are mostly typewritten and there are often multiples of the same letter with different names written in for the recipients. Other materials in the collection include 5 diaries (1953-1959), travel account (1953), two books about Africa, newspaper articles, photographs, postcards, pamphlets, small posters, tourist booklets, itineraries, greeting cards, school essays from her students, her passport, and an early copy of her will
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, exhibition files, articles, reviews, tributes, publications, catalogs, announcements, posters, poem, clippings, ephemera, slides, record jacket, videotapes, and photographs, relating to Smith's life and career
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence with Grace Wilcox, of Stockbridge Library Association Historical Room, posters, clippings, illustrations, calendars, photos, memorabilia, and other papers. Includes Saturday Evening Post covers (1954-1960); memorabilia (1943) from a national war bond show in Washington, D.C.; photos of Norman Rockwell Day Parade in Stockbridge, 1976; and Rockwell illustrated calendars advertising local businesses
Lawrence Public Library
Broadside, on stiff paper, with black and white printing encouraging immigrants in Lawrence, Mass., to attend classes at the Oliver School and other schools to learn to read and thus prepare for citizenship -- Includes name of Miss Elizabeth C. Miles, full-time supervisor of the Americanization office in Lawrence
Evanston Historical Society
Artifacts including buttons and brochures, advertisements including posters, paper fan, and a description of a representative event; together with various memos about the status of the event and instructions for volunteers
Washington State Historical Society
Correspondence, accounting ledgers, financial statements, price listings, reports, information on packaging and equipment, advertisements, awards, posters, and photographs
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, biographical data on cast members and technicians, company history, performance materials, speeches, scrapbooks, costume and set designs, architectural drawings, sketches, programs, posters, press clippings, photos, and other records, compiled largely by Irma Kay, company founder and director
McLean County Museum of History
Contains bulletins from the Bloomington Association of Commerce; a train master control sheet; envelopes with official Freedom Train postcards; a poster and a picture book poster; a publicity portfolio for the local rededication week and the Freedom Train; a musical score entitled "The Freedom Train"; documents entitled "Our American heritage: documents of freedom" and "Your Bill of Rights"; and newspaper articles from the Pantagraph, the Chicago Sunday Tribune, and the Chicago Tribune
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Articles, speeches, newspaper clippings, posters, and photos, relating to the right to vote for women in North Dakota and nationally
Boston University,-- Dept. of Special Collections
Manuscript: A Star in the Family (1971), McCracken's autobiography written in diary form; scrapbooks (1953-1990); scores, programs, posters, and reviews; photographs; correspondence (1984-1986); and sound recordings, audiotapes, and videotapes