Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, questionnaires, newspaper clippings, and reports, relating to the Illinois state archaeological survey of southern counties and excavation of Indian sites in southeastern Illinois. Includes survey sheets sent to persons in 72 counties requesting information on Indian remains
Maine Folklife Center,-- Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History
Materials gathered from students in Ives's folklore classes at University of Maine at Orono, including questionnaires determining how familiar the students were with the belief among non-Jews that Jews bury their dead standing up
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Questionnaires completed by North Dakota veterans of World War II who were held in prisoner of war camps in Germany and Japan, including information relating to military service, events leading to POW status, physical description of the camps, health conditions, food distribution, family relationships, psychological aspects, religious activities, and other topics. The questionnaire was designed and distributed by Elmer T. Lian in cooperation with North Dakota Ex-POW's, Inc
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Records of the center's project on the Soviet social system, consisting of mimeographs of typewritten interviews conducted with Soviet emigreĢs on a broad range of topics. Includes interviews on personal life histories, as well as on specific topics, such as economics, family, government, nationalities, wartime occupations, partisan movements, professions, and stratification; together with clinical interviews, copies of questionnaires, and an interviewer's guide
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, clippings, reports, questionnaires, fliers, pamphlets, articles, bibliographies, legal materials, and mailing lists, relating to women's issues, particularly sex discrimination and AFSCME Interim Committee on Sex Discrimination and women's organizations, including Coalition of Labor Union Women (U.S.). Correspondents include John Hein, Olga M. Madar, Mozell M. McNorriell, Nancy D. Perlman, Linda Tarr-Whelan, William A. Welsh, and Jerry Wurf
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, materials concerning curriculum and allocation hearings, minutes, and reports, relating to Federal Communications Commission and Joint Committee on Educational Television; correspondence, constitution, workshops, newsletters, and reports, concerning National Association of Educational Broadcasting; teacher's manuals, history, scripts, and advisory committee notes, relating to Ohio School of the Air; surveys, programs, and policy, concerning radio station WOSU; and items relating to Midwest Program on Airborne Television Instruction
American Jewish Archives
Correspondence, bibliographies, constitution, convention proceedings, membership lists, newsletters, questionnaires, audiotapes, treasurer reports, and other materials
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, minutes, bylaws, constitution, articles of incorporation, agendas, financial statements, newsletters, reports, research files, questionnaires, and other printed materials, relating to demographic and sociological studies of a group or region, especially in northeastern Ohio, ecumenical consultation with various Protestant denominations, trends in religion and community affairs, and the interaction with other religious organizations, including Ohio Council of Churches
Stephen F. Austin State University,-- East Texas Research Center
Political and personal papers of Congressman Charles Wilson including correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, questionnaires and petitions, legislation, Democratic Study Group fact sheets and reports relating to bills pending and passed by Congress, invitations, press releases, audio tapes, and video tapes
Women's Educational Center,-- Women's Movement Archives
Minutes, lists of staff members, publications and articles about the center, questionnaires, financial records, staff log books and training materials, correspondence, and materials documenting center-sponsored projects and events -- Subjects include English as a second language, parenting classes, Somerville Women Against Rape project, a library, and social and cultural events