Chicago History Museum-- Research Center
Executive committee minutes, account books and other financial materials, scrapbooks, and office files concerning administration and distribution of the Chicago Community Trust (CCT) funds to Chicago area charitable organizations. Includes records of the Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund (1908-63, merged 1961) and of other trusts transferred to The Chicago Community Trust. Topics include government relief agencies in the 1930s, child health care and welfare, and particularly in the McCormick Memorial Fund records, tuberculosis and open-air schools. Persons represented in The CCT records include executive committee chairmen Clifford W. Barnes and Edward L. Ryerson, and executive directors James Brown, IV, and Frank D. Loomis
Jewish Historical Society of MetroWest
Contains chaplain reports and assorted correspondence
Central State University,-- Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library
Hallie Q. Brown papers covers Brown's life as a Wilberforce College student and later fund raiser, an educator, an elocutionist, and a writer -- They also documents her many travels and her association with several organizations, especially the International Council of Women and the National Association of Colored Women. Materials include correspondence (1906-1946); lecture notes with topics such as The Best System of Physical Culture for Our Girls, Biblical History, The Condemnation of Liquor, Frederick Douglass, Greatest Needs of Negro Womanhood Today, and History of Ethiopia and Abyssinnia; diaries (1881-1930); publications including Our Women, Past Present & Future (1925) and Tales My Father Told Me (1925); her writings including a speech at Vienna Conference, International Council of Women (1930), "Lizette, the Beautiful", published in Gospel Herald & Saturday Evening Call (1924), and address to National Association of Colored Women; manuscripts including the first draft of and ... Read More
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, minutes, constitution, bylaws, membership rosters, and other records
Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center and Museum, Florida A & M University
Consist of the professional papers of Gibbs -- Includes correspondence, court cases, publications, reports and research logs. The documents reflect Gibbs' legal activities and work regarding school integration at the college level during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The main threat and growing trend at this time was to close Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and merge them with large white institutions. Numerous public and private HBCUs joined alliances in efforts at retaining their sovereignty
Livingstone College,-- The Heritage Hall
Materials include correspondence, sermons, speeches, obituaries, marriage licences, handwritten Old Testament inspirational scriptures, poems, centennial yearbook, manuscripts, pamphlets, financial reports, memorial journals, program agendas, letters of recommendations, and diaries -- Topics include church dedications, International Council of Religious Education, Board of Christian Education, General Conference legislation, Christian education, NAACP programs, annual conferences, and church centennial
Baltimore City Archives
Includes an index to the records, a list of the commission members, and related correspondence and memoranda; press releases by the commission and newspaper articles and editorials relating to its work; memos and letters concerning the commission's work; an annotated draft and a bound copy of the commission's first report (July 28, 1969) concerning changing the municipal election dates (res. 738) and correspondence concerning the report
American Jewish Archives
Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, clippings, reports, addresses, and miscellaneous items recording the major activities of Meyer's life. Correspondence (1880-1950) is the largest series, consisting of the general subseries arranged chronologically and containing Meyer's correspondence regarding her literary career and her participation in various social movements including her correspondence with significant American literary figures along with her numerous "Letters to the Editor"; and topical correspondence files, arranged alphabetically with a chronological sub-arrangement, representing the correspondents and subjects which Meyer considered to be of major importance. Manuscripts series (1895-1948; n.d.) contains the hand-written and typescript copies of many her published and unpublished works, divided into three subseries: monographs, plays, and short stories, sketches, essays, and addresses. Notes (1885-1945) consists of her bound notebooks, journals, and loose notes ... Read More
The Bancroft Library
The collection consists of a small number of original documents, including correspondence, booklets and brochures, and clippings. Much of the collection consists of photocopies of the original Bay Area materials in the American Council for Judaism collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society. These photocopied materials include correspondence, minutes, reports, speeches, sermons, and membership lists dating from 1943 through 1949 -- Included is an extensive exchange between San Francisco Chapter members Hattie Hecht Sloss and Rabbi Irving Reichert, on the one hand, and the ACJ's national director, Rabbi Elmer Berger, on the other hand, on national policy and local community activity. The collection also provides insight into the San Francisco Chapter's views on resettlement, Jewish political nationalism, and Palestine
University of Washington Libraries
The Thor C. Tollefson papers reflect the extensive variety of issues in which Tollefson was involved during his Congressional career -- The majority of the collection consists of the General Correspondence series, which is divided into Agency Files, Subject Files and Legislation Files. These files frequently include enclosures or accompanying material such as writings, reports, texts of bills and clippings. The Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee series consists of general correspondence files, and also includes papers about fishing treaties and legislation, particularly pertaining to Alaskan fishing markets. While this series contains the majority of maritime and fishing papers, further material on these topics can be found in other parts of the collection. Another of Tollefson's interests was management of natural resources, especially in the Pacific Northwest region. Subject files include materials on Mount Rainier National Park, Cowlitz Dam and other dams in the Pacific ... Read More