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The Wedding on the Volga, a theatrical talking picture produced in 1929 and thought lost to film history, came to us as five surviving reels of the original six reels on 35mm nitrate film. The man who originally projected the film for audiences in the Savannah area kept it and his descendants donated the film to us. For more information, see the records Margie Compton has updated in and
Auckland Libraries - Heritage and research
A grandmother has a passionate affair with a young man who is also sleeping with her daughter
University of Texas Libraries
In a little town located in Chihuahua, México, Teo, the postman decides to adopt a brilliant kid named Emilio. Aside from delivering the mail, the two of them read letters and compose them for people who are not capable of reading or writing. One day, Teo is no longer fit to perform his work so it is up to Emilio to do all the work. Saddened by the contents of the letters that constantly deal with hard issues, Emilio switches the sad letters for happy ones. In a few days the whole town is completely transformed and Emilio will meet Elena, his first one true love ... that is until the real letters start to appear, revealing the other ones were the creation of Emilio's powerful imagination
New York Public Library
"The heart of a prince should be the heart of gold but what happens when the heart of a prince turns out to be that of a shattered and broken heart? The prince is married and falls in love with another person's fiancée! What will be the fate of his wife and the maiden he falls in love with?"--Container
University of Denver - Penrose Library
"A lyrical telling of an intimate encounter between a U.S Navy Sailor and a local Chilean woman, La Primavera delves into the fleeting moments of uncertainty and flux that test the bounds of emotional connection. The parting of this couple, though it is never quite seen, and barely spoken of, is what keeps the silent time ticking, the dirge-like Fado droning, and the worlds outside just audible enough to be bittersweet"--Http:// (as viewed on5/04/09)
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John and Regina get married despite being unable to come out of their previous romances. How do they learn to accept each other, and eventually fall in love?
Arizona State University Libraries
Dramatic feature film depicting contemporary life in Myanmar. The film stars two well-known and Myanmar Academy award-winning actors, Dwe and Htet Htet Moe Oo
Arizona State University Libraries
Feature film depicting fictionalized contemporary life in Myanmar. The film won the Myanmar Film Academy's best picture award in 2001. The film is directed by Myanmar Academy award-winning director Maung Tin Oo and stars Myanmar Academy award-winning actors, Ne Aung, Min Maw Kun, Me Thinsa Oo, and Myet Ke Thi Aung
New York Public Library
"Love is knocking at her door but she is torn between two men. Mystery of destiny begins to unfold. She is the C.E.O. of a company she inherited from her father. Most of her time is consumed by her work. Due to this, her fiance calls off their engagement, which led to a bitter breakup. Months later she gave love a second chance but this guy in question is a business partner who is an out of control drug addict. His actions were unbearable, causing her to be vulnerable to her new employee. Who stands the chance of being her destined husband?"--Container
University of California, Berkeley
A love story centering around a Khmer architect-engineer and his attachment and total dedication to Angkor


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