Valdosta State University - Odum Library
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
Material on the history of the Jews in Breslau, Silesia, and other places in Germany. Copied from various archives in Breslau, Munich, Liegnitz, etc., possibly in the 1920s by Louis Lewin. Mentions events from 1410 to 1927
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
List of members of the Jewish community of Trachenberg, in Silesia, recording the donations for various mitsvot. There are folding indicators. On the first leaf, members are listed by family. Henceforth, individual name indicators are assigned to respective pages, each page having a list of honors (Kohen, Levi, etc.).
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
Letters and postcards to Louis Lewin from such people as Dr. Siegmund Fraenkel and Dr. Lambert, and from various research institutes in Germany. The letters often ask for some specific historical information, concerning events between 1600 and 1938, or are requests for Lewin to write research articles, etc
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
Original documents, papers, protocols, and statutes, etc. concerning the history of the Jewish community of Schwerin
Villanova University - Falvey Memorial Library
Rice University
Original letters, broadsides, pamphlets, printed materials and books documenting the political and cultural relationships between the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba, Spain, and Portugal, beginning with the heyday of nation formation from 1776 to 1815 and ending with the building of the Panama Canal in the early twentieth century. Many of the documents are original government publications such as constitutions, decrees, or presidential and congressional messages, and broadsides and pamphlets serving as public statements regarding the political and social events of the time. Other items of note include George F. Dunham's "A Journey to Brazil on the Good Ship Montpelier," an 1853 first hand description of slavery and plantation life in Brazil, and the first Mexico City printing (1821) of Augustin de Iturbide's Plan de Iguala
Center for Research Libraries (CRL)
Various manorial survey documents for crown lands, property which had passed into crown hands from, for example, the Marcher lordships, or property which had been the subject of an official enquiry. The principal types of documents are custumals, extents, rentals, surveys, terriers and valors. They were drawn up periodically by a number of different estate officials. Few documents date from later than 1685. The series was formerly known as Rentals and Surveys (General Series), Rolls. It was created artificially from records taken from three key Exchequer sources during the late nineteenth century, namely, Miscellanea from the Queen's Remembrancer's Office, the Treasury of the Receipt of the Exchequer and the Augmentation Office (LR 2 and LR 13). Some records were also taken from those of the Palatinate of Chester (CHES)