Ball State University - Bracken Library
This collection includes speeches and articles created by J. H. Neeley on the subject of glass
New-York Historical Society
Passport covering the years 1836-1837. Note stating that Rev. Bethune would be obliged to Messrs. Cary & Hunt for the volumes he mentions, dated December 9, 1846. Letter to Dr. Wyckoff, dated Fort Hamilton, L.I., September 3, 1851, respecting Rev. Bethune's speaking at a church in Albany. Letter to Charles B. Collar, dated Brooklyn, May 21, 1858, thanking him for his excellent report of his speech. Original handwritten manuscript of the address of Rev. Dr. Mancius S. Hutton at the funeral of Rev. Dr. George W. Bethune, [September 3], 1862
New-York Historical Society
Letter dated Môle-Saint-Nicolas, May 22, 1798, from Morand to Monsieur Dacheux in Newport, R.I. Earlier than he predicted, the British evacuated from St. Mare, Arcahaye, and Port-au-Prince; for his personal safety, he thinks he should follow them, despite having to give up his house, but does not like relying on the English for help. Adds in postscript that the government carried out the evacuation in an orderly manner. Text of "speech of the inhabitants of Hayti to the French sent by Napoleon to attack them." Translated into English by M. Griégau. Warns that if the French bring arms into their Republic, they are prepared to burn everything down so they will find nothing but ashes. Their own existence will be painful, but prefereable to servitude. They will repel the French with everything they have
New-York Historical Society
Archive of Mayor James J. Walker's correspondence and papers related to housing issues. The bulk of the collection consists of letters to and from the mayor's office. Also included are speeches, meeting minutes, draft and published legislation, telegrams, newspaper clippings, 9 photographs of the Bronx (including 1 of P.S. 78), and a mimeographed report, "General outline of the proposed Lower East Side improvement plan" by Robert W. Aldrich Rodger
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of the papers of D. W. Brooks (1901-1999) who was a farmer and cooperative executive, running the Cotton Producers Association (later renamed Gold Kist) as well as insurance companies for farmers. His papers document his businesses and Georgia agriculture, as well as his service to the U.S. government, several universities, and the Methodist Church. The papers include correspondence, business and committee reports, meeting materials, and subject files
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of the papers of Beverly Benson Long (1920-2015) who served in state, national and international organizations as a mental health professional and advocate. Her papers document her extensive work and career in the mental health field and include correspondence, internal reports, papers, newsletters, memos, conference proceedings, and commission and board meeting materials
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Paul Andrew Dever was inaugurated for his first term as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on Jan. 6, 1949, in Boston, at which time he delivered an address, here presented as a phonograph recording, produced by WBZ radio, dated Jan. 18, 1949. He was inaugurated for a second term on Jan. 4, 1951. A luncheon to mark the occasion was held on that date at the Parker House, Boston, and is commemorated here by a silver box on the lid of which is engraved in reverse text an invitation to that event
Louisiana State University - Special Collections
The collection is comprised of printed items, notes, speeches, and photographs of Huey P. Long in addition to personal items belonging to both Long and DeVol. The collection contains reprints, typed copies, and drafts of Long's speeches. The collection also includes photographs and portraits of Huey Long prior to and during his term in the Senate. Printed sheet music of songs composed by and about Long are present as well as Huey Long's personal Bible
State Library of Queensland
Handwritten speech notes (4 pages) delivered by Sally McLennan at the Fellowship award ceremony in 2011
American University - Bender Library
This series contains programs, press releases, speeches, citations, and invitations from American University's Commencement Ceremonies


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