University of Wisconsin, Stout
Description: Enrollment statistics detailing enrollment at the Graduate College compiled from information received from the Student Records Office
University of Florida - George A. Smathers Libraries
Consists of two circulation ledgers, dated 1906-1908 and 1911, and monthly circulation records for 1925-1969
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records include a chart describing average wages and wage rates for all Du Pont Company employees (1840-1938). This chart has data on working hours, number of employees, average hours and monthly wages, with United States Bureau of Labor Statistics cost of living adjustments. Also included are quarterly reports (1950-56) on labor costs and output per man hour. Reports to the company's general managers contain statistics on income distribution, industrial production, consumption, wages, price, population growth, state taxes, and other macroeconomic trends. These reports also include advice on plant location and relocation
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records consist of copies of two sets of studies prepared in connection with the proposed Penn Central merger, dating from the period when merger talks were resumed in 1962 to final consummation in 1968
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records represent about one third of the surviving records of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. There is generally complete coverage of corporate matters for the entire time span and reasonably complete coverage of the functional departments from 1920 to 1950, with somewhat weaker coverage from 1893 to 1920 and from 1950 to 1968. Most important technical, financial and labor matters are represented. More detailed descriptions will be found under entries for individual offices, departments and subsidiary companies
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records of the Chief of Freight Transportation consists of 22 linear ft. selected from a much larger body of files. Several files, including those on the operation of circus trains and the Fruit Growers Express Company, continue those of the Chief of Transportation. The files have been appraised to select the most important developments of each period and to document the most important freight services
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records consist of typed duplicates or microfilm copies of all records pertaining to the activities of the Board of Managers of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company from its organization to 1960. In addition, there are good representative samples of the contracts, manuals and other corporate papers, which were printed and distributed in multiple copies
Newberry Library
Miscellaneous papers of Alejandro Marure, dated 1689-1876, pertaining to the domestic affairs of Guatemala -- Many of Marure's notes concern the establishment of a constitutional system in Guatemala, with discussions of the division of the country into legislative districts; the election of deputies; activities of the legislative assembly; naming of juries; and constitutional reform. Other papers deal with Marure's role as government representative in negotiations with the Central American republics, as well as with contemporary political events involving the dictator Rafael Carrera and military operations against the French. There are legal documents such as court proceedings involving land disputes, execution of wills, indemnities, and proof of ancestry; and copies of the treaties of 1783 and 1786 between Spain and England. Printed charts provide statistics on the population, agriculture, and industry of Amatitlán, and on the number of elected representatives in the various ... Read More
James R. Crumley, Jr. Archives, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
Printed minutes including satistical material, along with financial records, material relating to synod officers, board reports, parochial reports, and reports of institutions and organizations
Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial Library
Daily statistical sheets recording percipitation, wind speed, relative humidity, temperature, sun rise, etc. for Chattanooga, Tenn., and volumes with climatological summaries