Ball State University - Bracken Library
The collection contains over seventy miscellaneous television production scripts from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s that featured Tex Terry. Several are unknown, but most have titles which include "Son of Zorro", "Sioux City Sue", and "Colorado Sundown". Episodes from Gunsmoke and the Gene Autry Show are also included, as are a few episodes sponsored by Wells Fargo
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Letters by Frost to his friend, the author Nathan Haskell Dole, among other correspondence. Compositions include drafts and fair copies of poems and a television script
Harvard University - Widener Library
Daydream (prod. #60781-004; final draft, Nov. 11, 1975) / writer, Ron Friedman -- Happy birthday champ (prod. #30781-003; final draft, Oct. 29, 1975) / writer, Rick Mittleman -- The weekend guest (prod. #60781-010; final draft, Dec. 8, 1975) / writer, Arthur Julian -- You'll look great in basic black (rev. Nov. 28, 1975)
Harvard University - Widener Library
The Arsenio Hall Show was a 1989 Emmy Award winning variety talk show that aired late weeknights from January 2, 1989 to May 27, 1994. The show was created and hosted by comedian/actor Arsenio Hall
Harvard University - Widener Library
Potts don't fail me now (script #8, prod. #0X08, rev. (blue), Sept. 25, 1990) / written by Steven Bochco, William M. Finkelstein, John Romano & Michael Graham ; director, Brad Silbering -- Cop-a-feeliac (script #7, prod. #0X07, rev. (yellow), Sept. 21, 1990) / written by Steven Bochco, William M. Finkelstein, John Romano & Michael Graham ; director, Arlene Sanford -- Oil of Ol'lay (script #6, prod. #0X06, rev. (blue), Aug. 31, 1990) / teleplay by Steven Bochco, William M. Finkelstein, John Romano & Michael Graham ; director, Michael Fresco
Columbia University
Correspondence, manuscripts, playscripts, screenplays, diaries, documents, contracts, financial records, photographs, phonograph records, motion pictures, playbills, posters, sheet music, cartoons, art work, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and printed materials. -- The collection consists chiefly of correspondence and production files relating to the creation, production, and performance of their works for stage, screen, radio, and television, such as LEAVE IT TO ME and KISS ME KATE (with music by Cole Porter), BOY MEETS GIRL, and MY THREE ANGELS. Correspondence (with twentieth century authors, playwrights, musicians, political figures, and actors) includes: George Abbott, Jean Arthur, Bennett Cerf, Katharine Cornell, Jo Davidson, George and Ira Gershwin, Alec Guinness, W. Averell Harriman, Lilli Lehmann, Mary Martin, Laurence Olivier, Mary Pickford, Cole Porter, Regina Resnick, Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert E. Sherwood, Lincoln Steffens, Kurt Weill, Rebecca West, and Thornton Wilder. There is ... Read More
University of Oregon
Collection comprises papers of American screenwriter and producer Richard Collins and includes motion picture scripts, scenarios, screen plays, outlines and treatments by Collins and others; television scripts, including scripts for the Breaking point and Chrysler theatre series; and professional correspondence. Major correspondents are Marjorie Cantor, Frank Dorsey, Arnaud d'Usseau and Ned Russell
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
International fashion consultant, educator, lecturer, columnist, producer of fashion shows, and radio/TV personality, Albert founded the Academie Moderne, a modeling and finishing school in Boston, Mass., in 1936. She was also co-director of the Hart Model Agency, presented lectures and television and radio interviews on fashion, and produced and coordinated fashion shows in Boston and nationally. She was married to James Albert, a lawyer; they had two daughters and a son
University of California, Riverside
This collection contains television scripts and storyboards for the television series Alien Nation
University of California, Riverside
This collection is primarily comprised of press clippings, publications, correspondence, and other material pertaining to The X-Files television program, motion pictures, and official fan club. Includes action figures of characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, realia featuring The X-Files logo, and newsletters from The X-Files Official Fan Club. Also represented in the collection are press clippings, publications, and other material regarding the series' actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Includes newsletters from the Official Gillian Anderson Web Site and press clippings of interviews with David Duchovny


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