National Library of Australia
Correspondence and papers of Lindy Chamberlain, her family, friends and supporters. The early series contain the correspondence and files of the Chamberlain and Murchison families, divided into ordinary and special files. The ordinary files contain correspondence received from family, friends and the Australian public, 1980-1996, and include letters, cards, notes, verses, photographs, telegrams, newsletters, books and drawings. The special files also contain correspondence, besides a wide variety of other materials relating to the inquests, the trial, imprisonment and eventual release of Lindy Chamberlain
National Library of Australia
Comprises a promissory note for £.23.0.3 sterling overwritten in brown ink 'exhibited as evidence before the Lieutenant Governor on 20 October, 1820 in the case of Lewis v. Larson'
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
Legal, and personal correspondence of Robert Anderson, chiefly related to his involvement in settling the estate of his father-in-law and his brother LeRoy Anderson. Included are some letters dealing with Alexander Macaulay's shipping business at Norfolk, Va., lawsuits against Dismal Swamp Canal Company and documents and plats relating to the property at Navy Hill (Richmond, Va.), including a plat of Navy Hill (Richmond, Va.) with a "Proposed Academy" whose "object is to introduce gradually a thousand or more elementary schools j in every part of the State.". -- Also included are three letters from Alexander Macaulay to his wife Elizabeth Jerdon Macaualy written in 1795-1796 from Norfolk, Va
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
The collection is made up of legal documents, correspondence, business receipts and miscellaneous notes. The legal documents include land deeds and leases for land in El Monte, California, and Los Angles County in general, and judicial records from various lawsuits in which Granger was involved; also included is a copy of an undated legal complaint against Benjamin D. Wilson. The correspondence, of which Lewis Granger and his wife Isabel are addressees, deals with land sales and money owned to the Grangers. A few pieces of the correspondence are personal in nature, but they are chiefly business related
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
This small group of items includes Lockwood's license to practice law in Indiana by the Indiana Supreme Court, a letter by Lockwood to George Wallace regarding the case of Fr?mont and Boggs vs. Merced Mining Co., and a letter by Felix Argenti, a California banker and member of the Committee of Vigilance, to George Wallace regarding Governor John G. Downey and requests for copies of land and patent documents
Santa Clara City Library
On March 11, 1883, near Los Gatos, William P. Renowden and Archie McIntyre died of gunshot wounds and burning. Joseph Jewell, Lloyd L. Majors, and John F. Showers were implicated in the deaths. Within two months the three were brought to trial and found guilty; two were hanged and one sentenced to life impronment. The newspaper clippings, believed to be from the San Jose News and San Jose Mercury, give detailed coverage of the three trials
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
This is a handwritten copy of the arraignment, conviction, and condemnation of Robert Devereux, Henry Wriothesley, and Captain Thomas Lee
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
This anonymous notebook contains an alphabetical list of lawyers and judges along with the cases they have worked on, including speeches and written works before 1892. Note, the entries are written in an address book and the front cover is missing. The entire notebook is written in the same hand
Chicago History Museum
Correspondence, financial statements, fundraising items, annual reports, audio recordings, by-laws, historical information, memoranda, minutes, reports, newspaper clippings, newsletters, legal documents, and fliers of the Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, LCMOC, relative to its efforts to eliminate racial discrimination in housing in the Chicago area. The collection also contains demographic data on communities in Chicago and the metropolitan area. The records include files from the Gautreaux Demonstration Program in which the LCMOC helped former Chicago Housing Authority residents move into subsidized, private housing throughout the metropolitan area. Also present are records relative to the civil rights movement and the Chicago Freedom Movement (1966-1967) and the "summit agreement" (1966). Materials pertaining to the Chicago Metropolitan Housing Development Corporation and the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, renamed the Regional Housing Coalition in 1973, also ... Read More
New-York Historical Society
A confession, statements, and an affidavit in the case of Rose Butler who was convicted and executed for the crime of arson. Included is a statement of Eliza Duell, a white woman placed in the apartment holding Butler during her arrest


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