Bucks County Historical Society
Papers relating to the trial of Lino Mina who was tried and convicted of poisoning Dr. William Chapman of Andalusia, Pa. Persons represented include Lucretia Chapman
Atlantic County Historical Society
Letter and receipt (1854) of Chalkley Leeds, first mayor of Atlantic City, N.J.; title of lands of Anna Aikman, with map (undated); trial of small causes concerning the loss of a gray mare (1884); agreement (1829) relating to the schooner Hannah & Elizabeth; letter (1825) from Joseph Bonaparte; and deed, Swain to Willets, Tuckahoe River, issued during the 25th year of the reign of George II
American Jewish Archives
Letter from Winick to his fiancee commenting on the Scopes trial, which he attended, in Dayton, Tenn -- Includes an undated cover letter identifying the individuals mentioned in the 1925 letter. Persons represented include Jerome Mark and John Thomas Scopes. Topics represented include law and legislation of the study and teaching of biological evolution in Tennessee
Seattle Municipal Archives
Planning files of the Power Management Branch regarding Boundary Dam on the Pend Oreille River, including studies, reports, surveys, hydrological data, correspondence, subject files, maps, drawings and photographs -- Subjects represented include a 1958 joint study by the Bonneville Power Administration and City Light of the regulation of reservoirs on the Columbia River system to meet predicted loads and establish the capability of the Boundary Project. Also includes correspondence and court documents regarding litigation with Public Utility District No. 1 of Pend Oreille County and the U.S. Federal Power Commission proceedings regarding the project
Maine Historical Society
Claim in the case against Thomas Muir brought at the New York Court of Vice Admiralty by Sproat, who claimed the sloop Sally and her cargo, 30 Dec. 1778. New York Vice Admiralty judge Robert Bayard decided in favor of Muir and ordered Sproat to pay all court fees, 15 Mar. 1779
New Jersey Historical Society
Business correspondence and other legal papers; Pell's personal papers relating to the development of Branch Brook Park, Essex County, N.J., and papers read by him at meetings of the Matrimonic Circle, Newark, N.J.; lobbying correspondence (1906-1907) of Ethelwyn A. Pell on behalf of College Women's Club of Essex County; high school and normal school composition books (1879) of Ida E. Drake; estate papers (1896-1910) of Oliver Drake; and George C. Vogel's illustrated account (1923) of Methodist churches and missions in the Jersey City area. Includes material relating to litigation between Pell's client, Hannibal Goodwin (1822-1900) and Eastman Kodak Company over patent recognition of Goodwin's invention of flexible celluloid photographic film
Arkansas History Commission
Legal papers in the case of State of Arkansas vs. William Boyles
Washington State Historical Society
Materials include a diary of trip McFadon took to Europe (July-Oct. 1906) -- Also a carbon copy of an article he wrote recounting a July 1910 trip from Tacoma to Nisqually Glacier on Mt. Rainier, undertaken for the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Mich. The bulk of the collection documents his timber purchases and sales in southern Oregon in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as the joint venture legal case. Of particular interest are three series of diaries and letters documenting trips to Europe by his father, William McFadon (1865-1866), and his mother, Alice E. McFadon (1873), and her lengthy letters from a 1921 trip to Japan, China, and the Philippines
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Letters from Scott to his father, Elisha Scott, written during World War II; legal papers, including case files for Brown vs. Board of Education, which Scott helped to initiate and files relating to obscenity cases and litigation involving a Topeka health care workers union; and records of the Coordinating Committee of the Black Community which Scott helped to found in Topeka in 1968
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Copies of a letter from Grenville Clark on the Gobitis brief, relating to a case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court about a dispute between Walter Gobitis and the Minersville, Pa., Board of School Directors concerning flag saluting and religious liberty; article published in the Sept. 21, 1968 issue of New Republic on the Clabaugh Act, which served to keep Communist speakers off the campuses of the University of Illinois between 1947 and 1968; statement on freedom of speech; program for a school desegration conference at Edwardsville, Ill.; and paper (19 p.) on the role of Earl Warren in the Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka (Kan.) case. No papers dated between 1960 and 1967, or 1969 and 1978


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