Georgia Historical Society - Library and Archives
This collection consists of a 1792 letter from Alexander Hamilton to Richard Harrison, granting Harrison a leave of absence. Richard Harrison (1750-1841) was the Auditor of the Treasury from 1791 until his death
Duke University - David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Collection includes a newspaper clipping of a republished letter, 1780, from Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler concerning the Benedict Arnold affair and the death of Major John AndreĢ, and an original letter, 1791, to Abisha Thomas and James Taylor, treasury agents for North Carolina, enquiring whether North Carolina had ever issued its own certificates of indebtedness in lieu of those of the United States
New York Public Library
Alexander Hamilton (1754-1804) was a Founding Father, soldier, lawyer and statesman. He served as the first United States Secretary of the Treasury from 1789 to 1795. The Alexander Hamilton papers, dated 1775-1804, primarily consist of letters and documents either written or signed by Alexander Hamilton, and pertain to his career as a soldier, lawyer, statesman and United States Secretary of the Treasury. Autograph letters, drafts and copies of letters sent by Hamilton concern his Revolutionary War service, chiefly as an aide-de-camp to General George Washington; his legal practice in New York; and financial and political matters. Notable items include Hamilton's letters to President Washington, dated 1796, concerning the writing of Washington's Farewell Address to the nation, with a draft of the Address written by Hamilton for Washington's consideration. Documents include his 1782 appointment as Receiver of Continental Taxes in New York, legal documents relating to his law practice ... Read More
New York State Library - Manuscripts and Special Collections
Letter to the president and directors of the Bank of the United States regarding a loan authorized by "An Act making appropriations for certain purposes therein excepted." The loan called for one million dollars to be given to the bank in four monthly installments. The letter was written and signed by Alexander Hamilton
New York State Library - Manuscripts and Special Collections
Retained copy of a letter sent to Jabez Brown concerning drafts on Bank of North America and collection of funds. The letter was written at the Treasury Department. Brown was commissioner of loans at Providence, Rhode Island
New York State Library - Manuscripts and Special Collections
Letter concerns Hamilton's reasons why states should not have to pay interest on stock certificates
Hamilton College - Archives
Directs Delany to deposit his receipts and payments into the Bank of the United States
Massachusetts Historical Society
Manuscript written by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton addressed to President George Washington, 23 February 1791, arguing that his proposed plan incorporating the Bank of the United States falls under Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution's 'necessary and proper' clause, and thus the measure is constitutional
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Letter signed
Western Reserve Historical Society
Consists of one autograph letter signed by Alexander Hamilton to the Honorable David Evans of Albany, New York, emphasizing the need to oppose George Clinton in New York state politics. The letter is dated 12 January 1800 from New York and includes New York stampless cover on reverse


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