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Wedding portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Max Goldberg (Miriam Harris), 1936. Max Goldberg founded the Max Goldberg Advertising Agency in Denver, Colo. that handled congressional and gubernatorial campaigns. He also served as editor and publisher of the Intermountain Jewish news. Miriam Goldberg was the daughter of Minnie Shibko Harris and Harry Harris (1874-1945). After her husband's death, Miriam Goldberg assumed the responsibilites of editor and publisher of the Intermountain Jewish news
University of Denver - Penrose Library
Miriam Goldberg (née Harris) details the history of her family, beginning with her maternal great-grandparents, Louis and Bertha (née Joseph) Cohn, German immigrants in the late 1840s. Specifics of her grandmother's family, and mother and father's family, are also included, as well as a discussion of her four children. She recounts growing up in Denver, Colo. in a Jewish family, and comments on the division between Denver's East Side and West Side Jewish communities. She talks about Temple Emanuel and Rabbi William Friedman. She discusses how her husband, Max Goldberg, became involved in publishing the Intermountain Jewish News and her continuing involvement in the newspaper following his death. Miriam Goldberg's husband, Max Goldberg, took over the Intermountain Jewish News after World War II and ran it until his death in 1972
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Scope and content noted from William J. Jackson Palmer Collection #477, Stephen Hart Library Published in The Denver Tribune Unknown Source N.D. 01/07/1907 Published in The Colorado Springs Gazette 03/09/1947 Published in The Denver Post Empire Magazine 03/14/1909 N.D. Published in The Rocky Mountain News Written/presented by Judge Wilson McCarthy 07/31/1932 N.D. N.D. Various newspapers Issued by the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum 13 14 15 16 17 1 1 Biographical Sketch Biographical Data Biogra ...


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