Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Typescript of diary covering April 22, 1845 through May 31, 1845. Discusses the children and their learning abilities, his readings in phrenology and how he plans to use it to aid his students and his own personal growth. Discusses his ideas about who should be the true leader to take Smith's place, the death of Carolyn Smith, the wife of William, Joseph's brother and the rift he feels is growing between William, "the twelve" and Brigham Young
George Washington Mount Vernon - Fred W. Smith National Library
Requesting payment of debt to James Beckwith in the settlement of Lee's estate. With executor's note of acceptance, signed by Wm. Aug. Washington and Corbin Washington, Aug. 24, 1795
Filson Historical Society
On 18 March 1819, President James Monroe signs a grant of 1,000 acres of land "situated between the Little Miami and Scioto rivers" to Morgan Neville. The land had originally been granted to Captain Drury Ragsdale for his service in the Virginia Line during the Revolutionary War
University of Scranton
Pen and ink drawing (undated) of James Monroe (1758-1831), the fifth President of the United States, who served from 1817 to 1825. Monroe was among the country's Founding Fathers. He fought in the Revolutionary War, was a delegate to the Continental Congress, and served in the United States Senate. He was also Secretary of State and Secretary of War under President James Madison
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Papers of John Monroe, including one autographed land grant
Georgia Historical Society - Library and Archives
This collection contains a copy of legislation, An Act concerning Letters of Marque, Prizes, and Prize Goods, passed by the United States Congress and signed by James Monroe as Secretary of State on June 26, 1812
United States Military Academy
Illinois land grant, April 13, 1818 signed document granting William Meads one hundred and sixty acres in the Illinois territory and countersigned by Josiah Meigs, Commissioner of the General Land Office; letter, August 10, 1824 promises to advance the requests of Mr. Eckford; letter, March 21, 1829 describing the ill health that has thus far kept him from having his portrait painted by Thomas Sully, and setting a date of May 1 for Sully's visit, and letter, May 25, 1829 concerning bringing his portrait to West Point; letter, 1830, speaking of Monroe's appointment as a member of the University of Virginia board of visitors and mentioning his poor health
New York Public Library
ยท To Andrew James Cochrane-Johnstone, British politician and fraudster : 1 autograph letter signed : 2 Jan 1804 : (MISC 0337) : from Wimpole Street : begins, "I have rec'd with clear sensibility yr. obliging letter of yesterday. In undertaking the late interesting affair in yr. behalf with the govt. of France the only satisfaction wch I contemplated was that whch wld naturally arise from the hope of being able to render an acceptable & useful service to a gentleman of distinction & merit ...".
University of Virginia
A letter, 20 November 1780, from Edmund Pendleton to James Madison, discussess movements of the Southern Army under the command of Nathanael Greene, a recent skirmish, and news gleaned from a British deserter


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