United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Consists of copies of documents featured during a memorial exhibit 1988-1989 relating to Kristallnacht produced by the Staatsarchiv Potsdam. The documents relate to pogroms, persecution of Jewish business owners, arrests of Jewish merchants, destruction of synagogues, and the shutdown of Jewish-owned factories. Of special interest is a 1934 document concerning the emigration Albert and Else Einstein
Michigan State University Libraries - Main Library
Duke University - David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Collection (02-131) (31684 items, 46.6 lin. ft.; dated [ca. 1990]-2001)comprises commercials, mailers, and other printed material used by advertising agencies to promote themselves. Includes paper, video, audio, and digital formats. Divided into three groupings: Agency Reels, Agency Mailers, and Reviews (the Reviews are closed). The Agency Reels consist of compilations of primarily television commercials that illustrate the work of each advertising agency. The commercials are housed on 265 VHS, 5 BetacamSP, and three 3/4" U-matic videocassettes; 5 audiocassettes, and one CD-RW (7 electronic documents)
Duke University - David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Swiss National Library
Der Nachlass enthält Unterlagen zur Person, Materialien zum Werk und die Bibliothek des Autors
California Historical Society - North Baker Research Library
Describes Lesley's experience as a cadet during and immediately following the 1906 earthquake and fire. Includes details concerning damage in San Francisco and Berkeley, and description of his military duties keeping order in San Francisco
University of Southern California - Doheny Library
The documents in this collection are the declaration of Sigmund Einstein's assets and the justification for the seizure of his assets by the German government. The documents identify In this collection is stated Einstein's personal and family information
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
Draft of an article, probably in Einstein's hand, on distant parallelism theory, which Einstein worked on for many years and finally abandoned
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
"Auf die Reimann-Metrik und den Fern-Parallelismus gegrundete einheitliche Feldtheorie.".