Buffalo History Museum
TLS, Stephen T. Lockwood, Buffalo, N.Y., to Louis L. Babcock, 15 Aug. 1947, and note from Babcock to [Robert W.] Bingham, 10 Sept. 1947, regarding the largest tree in Buffalo. Babcock's note includes a photograph of the elm tree on the Lockwood estate in South Buffalo
Buffalo History Museum
Booklet, Tarpon Angling Around Buffalo, by Babcock, 1949; biographical tribute to Babcock by James McC. Mitchell, at dinner given by the Cult of the White Buffalo, 1936 Dec. 9; and advance wire service story on Babcock's recollections of assassination of Pres. McKinley, 1951
Buffalo History Museum
Contains photographs of family members and houses, invitations, programs, certificates, and other memorabilia related to Babcock


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