Boston University,-- Dept. of Special Collections
Manuscripts of novels and screenplays, correspondence, photographs, awards, and juvenilia -- Correspondents include Ralph Bunche, Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, and Upton Sinclair
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
Correspondence, speeches and other papers concerning all phases of his activities and interests; diary, 1945-1948, concerning his activities in Germany following World War II; and visual materials
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
Correspondence, reports, memos, photographs, and other materials relating to his administration at University of Michigan, including papers concerning University administrative departments, alumni affairs, student activities during the 1950's and 1960's, nuclear test ban treaty of 1963, student protests over the war in Vietnam, 1965-1967, charge of Communist influence at the University campus during the McCarthy Era, development of the Salk polio vaccine, investigation of University students by the
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Includes photos of the Conference africaine française in Brazzaville, some of which depict Charles De Gaulle and Governor-General Félix Eboué of French Equatorial Africa; trade union leaders at meetings; West Indies National Council Vice-President, Richard Moore speaking at a meeting in San Francisco on independence for the Caribbean area and India; one photo shows Ralph Bunche at a United Nations meeting on Israeli-Jordon relations, other meetings in Singapore and Hampton, Va
Temple University - Special Collections Research Center
The photograph collection of the Fellowship Commission contains general organizational materials of meetings and functions related to the Commission. There are a broad variety of local politicians, church leaders, businessmen, and social activists represented within the collection. Each folder heading contains information about the local, national or international personalities who appeared for awards or special events at the Commission. Noted personalities include Betty Barnes, Leonard Bernstein, Ralph Bunche, Shirley Chisholm, Joseph S. Clark, Jr., Contance Clayton, Helen O. Dickens, Alfred E. Driscoll, Julius Erving, Maurice B. Fagan, Walter B. Flagg, W. Wilson Goode, Albert M. Greenfield, Richard Hatcher, John Hersey, Charlton Heston, Paul Gray Hoffman, Langston Hughes, Hubert Humphrey, Jacob Javits, Robert F. Kennedy, Otto Kerner, Coretta Scott King, W. Thacher Longstreth, Joe Louis, Malcolm X, James Michener, Juanita Moore, Edward R. Murrow, Majorie Penny, Sidney Poitier, A. ... Read More
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
New York Public Library
Portraits of college professor and government official Robert C. Weaver. Collection includes views of Weaver being sworn into office, speaking to a group in Washington D.C., testifying before a senate committee, holding a meeting in his office, meeting a group of African-American mayors, receiving an award, and attending a stag dinner party. Individuals pictured with Weaver are John F. Kennedy, Frank Horne, William Hastie, Ralph Bunche, Farrow R. Allen, Ted Poston, Henry L. Moon, Roy Wilkins, William S. Moorhead, Carl Albert, Richardson Dilworth, Joseph S. Clark, Averell Harriman, Richard G. Hatcher, Carl Stokes, Walter Washington, Ella Weaver and others. Full, half and quarter length portraits
Western Michigan University
Papers of Alma Powell consist primarily of newspaper and magazine clippings about African Americans from the 1930s to the 1960s with local, state and national perspectives, organized into the following categories: Grace Davis and Alma Powel biographical information; commercials and advertisements; art and artist association organizations; biographies of African American athletes, scholars, artists, religious leaders, politicians and musicians; church and religion; civil rights; communism; specific cases of discrimination; editorials and letters to the editor; entertainment; health; labor; Kalamazoo Council on Human Relations, 1948-1959; personal correspondence; pictures; politics and voting; press and journalism; public opion; race relations such as housing, urbanization and realtor pamphlets; race riots; recognition and special observances; the South; World War II
Autry National Center - Museum of the American West
This collections consists of materials dating from 1899-1961, the bulk of which was created from 1907-1957. Included are lectures and writings by Densmore on Native American music; melodic analysis of seventy-five Cheyenne and Arapaho songs; correspondence with Frederick Webb Hodge; letters to Densmore; published articles by Densmore in newspapers and journals; and writings about Densmore's work, life, and health. The collection also includes an original drawing by Eagle Shield that was included in Densmore's Teton Sioux Music publication
Regent University - Law Library
Bunche writes Stavsky about the Armistice Agreement entered into by the governments of Israel and the four Arab States. He explains that the United Nations was not responsible for the implementation of the Armistice Agreements but acted only as the Mediator


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