Massachusetts Historical Society
Records of the Thursday Evening Club, a men's club founded in Boston in 1846 to promote "social and scientific conversation." First called the "Warren Club" after one of its founders, John C. Warren, the club held bi-weekly Thursday meetings at the home of one of its members to listen to talks on a variety of subjects, at first scientific but later expanded to include literature, history, and other subjects. The records include loose and bound membership lists (1856-1979, with gaps); announcements, lists, and summaries of meetings (1859-1968); correspondence (1849-98, 1906-22, 1927-76); presidents' reports (1947-63); manuscripts of original papers (1908-20); historical reminiscences; and memorials delivered by members, including Moorfield Storey, James F. Rhodes, and Worthington C. Ford
Massachusetts Historical Society
Correspondence and family papers of Roger Ernst and his cousin, poet Witter Bynner, include a few of Bynner's works and materials relating to personal matters and their genealogical research. Included are older correspondence and papers, gathered by Bynner and Ernst, of Oswald H. Ernst, George A.O. Ernst, Edwin L. Bynner, Lucinda S. Otis, Harold C. Ernst, and other members of the Otis-Bynner-Ernst family. The correspondence is supplemented by several biographical sketches and genealogical charts of various branches of the family
Massachusetts Historical Society
Papers kept by Harold C. Ernst relating to the tercentenary celebration of Plymouth, Mass. in 1921. Includes typescripts of letters, notes, and music scores used for a parade in colonial dress through Plymouth called the Pilgrims Progress


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