Colonial Williamsburg - Special Collections
Two documents concerning the sale of slaves belonging to Dr. John R. Archer to satisfy a debt owed to the Farmers Bank of Virginia. The first document is a copy of the suit issued by the Superior Court of Law of Petersburg, for the case of "The President, Directors, & Co. of the Farmers Bank of Va., against John R. Archer and Wm. B. Giles." The copy was made by the court's clerk, Harry Beverly Gaines, for Dr. Archer. William Branch Gaines endorsed the note of Archer and was also sued by the bank. The second item is a letter from George Jefferson, sheriff of Amelia County, concerning the sale of Dr. Archer's slaves and the handling of the money from the sale
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Notes, memoranda, photographs, exhibits, and other materials relating to litigation by/or against the Town of Lincoln, Mass., on matters relating to zoning, land use, and eminent domain land taking


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