Getty Research Institute
The Richards papers document her lifetime of work as a scholar and teacher of English literature, a poet, potter, and translator, and finally her lectures, workshops and writings in art education. The papers emphasize the period, the 1940s and 1950s, during which Richards served on the faculty of Black Mountain College
New York Public Library
Collection consists of objects, text scores, correspondence art, gallery announcements, concert programs, posters and other items produced by and/or relating to the Fluxus group of artists, ca. 1958-1987 -- Highlights include: multiple edition Fluxus objects, e.g. George Brecht's Water yam, 1963, Robert Watts' Events, 1964, Joseph Beuys' Zwei Fräulein mit leuchtendem Brot, 1966, and Yoko Ono's A box of smile, signed in 1984; complete set of the Fluxus in-house newspaper, V TRE, 1963-1978; posters from Charlotte Moorman's Annual New York Avant-Garde Festivals, 1964-1980; signed performance poems and "text-sound texts" by Jackson Mac Low; performance programs from La Monte Young and Yoko Ono's Chamber Street Loft Series, ca. 1961-1962. Many items are inscribed to the collector, Ellsworth Snyder
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
The materials, almost entirely printed matter, consist of exhibition catalogues, announcements, books, pamphlets, newsletters, flyers, broadsides, calendar, prospectus cards, clippings, and posters generated by central and orbital figures associated with Fluxus: Allan Kaprow, Charlotte Moorman, Dick Higgins, Ray Johnson, George Maciunas, Peter Moore, and Richard Kostelanetz
Northwestern University
This collection documents the interests and activities of Fluxus co-founder Dick Higgins from his early experiments with intermedia and collaborations with other artists in the 1960s to projects current at the time of his death in 1998. The collection includes correspondence, drafts for published and unpublished works, collages, slides of large paintings and graphic productions, films, audio and videotapes, performance scores, and photographs. The collection includes Higgins' own documentation of the status and history of his projects in the form of lists, photographs and slides, and descriptive essays.
School of The Art Institute of Chicago - John M. Flaxman Library
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
Transcripts of interviews conducted by Michel Oren of printmaker Dick Higgins, and painters Gordon Onslow Ford, Ed Ruda and William T. Williams
Museum of Modern Art
University of California, San Diego
Literary papers of an experimental United States writer, documenting his career from the late 1930s to 2004. The collection includes manuscript drafts of Mac Low's verse, plays, and criticism; documentation of conferences Mac Low attended and residencies he held; programs and posters for readings by Mac Low and other writers; biographical items such as bibliographies, resumes, and family photographs; transcripts of interviews of Mac Low; and Mac Low's notebooks for the years 1948-1990, which contain early drafts of a great number of his poems, as well as diaristic reflections about the business of writing and performing. A substantial portion of the collection is comprised of correspondence and manuscripts sent to Mac Low from a diverse group of poets, novelists, performance artists, editors, publishers, and scholars
Northwestern University
The Carl Weissner Archive consists of correspondence, tapes of poetry readings, manuscripts and graphic materials by international avantgarde writers of the 1960s, and some monographs and serials related to these authors. Included are works by such authors as William Burroughs, Harold Norse, Ezra Pound, Charles Bukowski, Claude Pélieu, Mary Beach, Dan Georgakas, Donatella Manganotti, and Jan Herman, as well as Carl Weissner himself. Many of these artists were part of the Fluxus movement.


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