New York State Historical Documents
Letters to Gelston Howell, 1976-1980; copy of letter from Thomas Howell of Little Rock, Arkansas to Frederick Howell of Southold, 1845; copy of transcription of diary of notes of Daniel Hildreth (1800-1881) of Southampton, 1815-1881; genealogical articles and journals, 1951-1976; research notes, genealogy charts and copies of documents associated with the Gelston, Halsey, Howell, Rogers, Sandford, Swazey, Wessels, Wheeler, White, Wines, Wood, and Woodhull families, 1679-1977; and eight file drawers with genealogical notes about the Howell family of Southampton and allied families
Mills College - F.W. Olin Library
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
University of Maryland
A live performance of the play The legend of Buster Neal by Jackie Alexander. Therein, three generations of African-American try to cope with modern life in New Orleans after the death of an older family member, Buster Neal. A mysterious visitor helps the men ward off potential tragedy


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